How to Make Your PS4 Look Good as New


Your PlayStation 4 has gotten you through countless hours of harrowing adventures, thrilling mysteries and fearsome battles where you’ve been armed with high-tech weaponry — and sometimes, slick dance moves. You’ve conquered quests, won championships, defeated bosses and collected more loot than you could carry. The PS4 has given you the ultimate gamer experience. 

The only problem is that you’ve had this console for years and it’s starting to look a little rough around the edges. If it runs well enough, you shouldn’t think about getting a replacement, but you might want to spruce it up. With a little effort, you could make it look good as new.

Clean It Up


You should start to clean your PS4 with a can of compressed air, pointing the nozzle toward the vents so that you can force the dust out with bursts of air. Getting the dust out should keep your console from overheating or making too much noise. Once you’ve gotten enough dust out, use a microfiber cloth to wipe down every side of the console.

Get Rid of Ugly Scratches

From a distance, the PS4 looks fine. On closer inspection, you can see that the gloss cover is coated in micro scratches and scuff marks from years of not-so-gentle use. Maybe you’ve slid your controllers on top of it too aggressively or you’ve packed it too roughly during a move. Maybe the console has survived around pets and small children for years, and it should be considered a miracle that it’s in one piece. Whatever the reason, you want to get rid of the damage.

The good news is that you can buff out micro scratches and scuff marks with a few materials and some elbow grease. Follow the tutorial by YouTuber GTRBytes, who gets the job done using a microfiber cloth, a polish applicator pad and a bottle of plastic polish. With this cleaning method, you can make the cover as slick and shiny as it looked when you first bought it.  

Sadly, you can’t buff everything out. If the cover has deep scratches or grooves, this clever maintenance trick will not be enough.

Cover It Up

If you want to give your PS4 console a facelift and hide any problems that you couldn’t buff out, you should get a premium 3M vinyl skin. Deep scratches and grooves can’t be fixed, but they can be covered up. A high-quality skin will hide this cosmetic damage and it can stop more scratches, scrapes and scuff marks from ruining the surface.

It will also make your console look impeccable. Pick out an eye-catching pattern like white marble, gold or bulletproof banana carbon fiber. Whenever you want to change it up, just remove the old skin and put on a new one.

Soon enough, you’re going to want to replace your PlayStation 4 with the PlayStation 5 when it finally comes out. Sony announced that the newer model would not be launched this year. Tech experts are estimating that the release will be closer to the middle or the end of 2020. 

The exciting news means that you have more than a year to play your PS4 before the upgrade hits the shelves. Get the most out of the console while you can. 


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