Top 10 Reasons Bike Lighting Is Necessary When On The Road

Top 10 Reasons Bike Lighting Is Necessary When On The Road

You may have seen them, mountain bike riders using their hands to signal drivers as to what they are doing. Perhaps you have even done that yourself. If you have, do you think that just because you do the right thing that you have the full attention of motorists?

Absolutely not. Motorists don’t even have the full attention of other motorists, and poor pedestrians are at their mercy as well. Yeah, pedestrians are supposed to have the right away in most traffic situations, but they don’t these days. So you plan to ride a bike, and often. Here are the top 10 reasons bike lighting should be part of your setup.

Bike Lighting Matters

When looking at the top 10 reasons bike lighting matters, you will notice right away that of course lights for a bike make the rider more visible at night. You want to make yourself visible if you are riding a bike, even if you are wearing light-colored clothing. You can’t just rely on one or the other either, as the point of all of this is to get you to do everything you can to ensure your safety out there on the road.

Therefore, it is a good idea to wear light-colored clothing and to also have lights on your bike. Walkers don’t necessarily have the opportunity to wear lights, but they still do in some instances. Think about those neon light tubes and the light up shoes. Okay, back to the point, however, and that is that bike lights help provide for better visibility.

When you think about visibility, you think of a dark night and other motorists seeing you, right? That was the point of the first benefit. However, when it comes to visibility, you also want to think of road visibility.

Yes, with bike lights, you are better able to see the road at night, but what about those weather conditions? You also have the ability to see in weather that suddenly changes. You may wake up to morning fog, or it may start raining. If it starts to rain, you have other problems on your hands, but you get the point. Bike lights help you pretty much stay prepared for any situation.

Types of Bike Lights

Then there is the fact that there are all different types of bike lights out there. That being said, bike lights have improved, and they are brighter than they used to be. Brighter is better, and that certainly helps. Also important, and another benefit of and the reason for using bike lights is the fact that there are many different types of these lights. A small example would be that you can get a light for the front end of your bike for the sake of you being able to see the road better, and then there are also lights for the back of bikes for better visibility in terms of other motorists.

Lights for bikes also have better technological features built into them these days. They have different patterns that they display in other words to go along with that point about visibility. What the experts call that is that bike lights these days are more intelligent. That’s one way to put it, wouldn’t you say?

Some lights even have daytime flash modes. You see, when using lights, you think about nighttime. However, bike riders are at a disadvantage at all times. With that point made, wouldn’t it be great if there were lights that helped bike riders during the daytime, too?

There are, and that is another one of the top 10 reasons bike lighting should be used. It makes sense if you think about it, doesn’t it? Outbound Lighting shows the different options.

Affordable Bike Lighting

Another one of the top 10 reasons bike lighting should be used is that they are very affordable. If you look at the prices on lighting for your bike, you will be pleasantly surprised. It is going to make you quite happy for sure, and you will want to outfit your bike with all of the lightings it needs. Naturally, you should be doing that anyway for safety reasons, but you get the point. The point is that these lights are affordable.

There are all different kinds of products to choose from, which means the market is more shopper-friendly these days. That is another reason and benefit that you should consider and count on before embarking on that long trail ride.

Then there is the fact that lights for bikes are also very convenient, and that, of course, is going to help you with the purchase, installation, and use of the different products you buy? Are they really easy for you to install them by yourself?

Yes, they are, and in fact, I have done it myself before. I put a light on my bike back in the day, and it worked great. It had different modes, and I used them for riding my bike home at night from work. You will see that the products you buy have different modes on them as well. If you are shopping online, it can be difficult to know exactly what a product will do. That is why you look at specs like lumens and also look at reviews.


Take solace in the fact that it’s also difficult to know what a product is going to do exactly when you are shopping in person. It isn’t like the bike light has a ‘try me’ button. Therefore, you want to be sure you have the online reviews to count on as you get ready to make a purchase. You will buy the right lights for your bike, and I suggest that you get more than one. At the very least, you need one for the back and one for the front as mentioned earlier.

You are free to look at the products available out there now in terms of bike lights. You are going to find so many choices your head will spin. Speaking of that, is it time to pick up another bike helmet. You know the reasons for purchasing bike lights, and now you need to think about what else you need to ride safely.


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