How CBD Oil Helps Athletes Go The Extra Mile


The growing popularity of CBD oil has led many athletes to question whether they can apply it to their own routines in an effort to go the extra mile. Despite the ever-growing fame of CBD treatments, however, most athletes are still entirely unfamiliar with medicinal cannabis and how it’s fundamentally different from the recreational marijuana that most people know of. Recently, however, the evidence proving that CBD oil can help athletes push themselves to new limits has grown too convincing to ignore.

Here’s how CBD oil helps athletes go the extra mile, and where medicinal marijuana may steer the future of sports and athletic recovery.

Endurance sports are looking to CBD oil

Out of all the athletes who are finding themselves infatuated with CBD oil, endurance athletes and long-distance runners in particular are finding themselves incredibly receptive to the idea of CBD-based treatments which promise to soothe their inflammation and bolster their energy reserves. It’s imperative to establish that the long-term consequences of CBD oil treatment are largely unknown, mostly because researchers have been historically denied any opportunity to actually study cannabis without facing jail time. Recently, however, medical research has concluded that CBD oil has some positive anti-inflammation tendencies and can help you in the process of athletic recovery.

A number of ultra-runners are already proving the impact of CBD oil by demonstrating how it can help them deal with the inflammation that’s a logical consequence of going the extra mile. From Robbie Balenger to Courtney Schwind, a number of runners who have established followings for themselves in digital circles are demonstrating the potency of CBD oil in real time. As other brand-ambassadors start to use CBD oil or weed vaporizers sold by Slickvapes, hawk it to their followers, it will likely gain a larger following in the world of running.

It’s not only amateurs and small time event runners who are harnessing the power of CBD oil to get the extra mile, either, but also professional athletes who are realizing that cannabis isn’t entirely bad. Former Super Bowl champions have used CBD oil in the process of recovery, for instance, largely because inflammation is a problem everyone can suffer from but one that few people have a solution for. Given that CBD oil is being used by professional runners and full-contact athletes alike, it stands to reason that CBD will continue to help athletes go the extra mile regardless of their sport of choice for the foreseeable future.

A new kind of runner’s high

CBD oil is helping deliver a new kind of runner’s high to athletes around the country, though it’s crucial to note that CBD oil from autoflower outdoors doesn’t carry any psychoactive effects nor change your state of mind in the way that THC-laden marijuana does. A recent study conducted on mice, for instance, determined that the runner’s high that so many athletes covet is largely a byproduct of your body’s natural cannabinoid receptors, which exist in you whether or not you’ve consumed marijuana in the past.

Given that researchers believe the endocannabinoid system is crucial to attaining a runner’s high, it stands to reason that athletes who want to go the extra mile should consider looking into CBD oil if they’ve been historically struggling to achieve a peaceful state of mind when running. For those who are familiar with long-distance running, it goes without saying that it’s frequently mind over matter, and that those who struggle to find a comfortable mental state will struggle with endurance runs. In the future, CBD oil treatments could help some runners get past those mental boundaries and find inner peace as they strive to hit a new PR.

CBD oil also helps go the extra mile because it prevents you from getting down and out just because of mild injury. Any endurance athlete is intimately familiar with the recovery process, largely because taking care of yourself after the workout is just as important for endurance professionals as the actual workout itself. By helping athletes ditch traditional options like Ibuprofen in favor of more natural CBD oil alternatives, cannabis could prove itself to be one of the most important sources of athletic medicine for the foreseeable future.

CBD oil delivers stress relief and better sleep

Finally, CBD oil is helping athletes go the extra mile by de-stressing them after fierce workouts and ensuring they get a good night’s sleep after a long day’s labor. Besides being useful for reducing painful skin irritation or muscle inflammation, CBD oil is demonstrating that it has the capacity to combat nausea and insomnia, two things which have plagued athletes since the earliest days of the Olympics in Ancient Greece.

Using CBD oil as a sleeping aid is going to grow more popular in the future, especially since some endurance athletes become very drowsy when taking it. While some may find it ineffective as a means of combating insomnia, CBD oil is clearly useful for some when it comes to getting some shuteye before a big game or major workout session. Until the long-term impacts of CBD oil treatments can be studied by medical professionals, however, doctors may remain hesitant to prescribe cannabis-based solutions to their patients unless asked.

Professional athletes and everyday runners alike are proving that CBD oil can help athletes go the extra mile by limiting the time spent in recovery and maximizing the gains they achieve when actually working out. As cannabis becomes more popular and enjoys widespread legalization, we should expect endurance athletes everywhere to tap into the power of CBD oil in order to push themselves to new limits.


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