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This post brought to you by Content How will show you how to hit your business goals and profit goals for your business using our Digital Marketing Services.

Imagine if 100,000 people expected you to send them a marketing email every day. People who actually looked forward to reading what you sent them, and were excited at the chance to buy anything you have to sell… 

Because YOU are the one selling it to them. 

Because they look to YOU as their leader. Their mentor. Their guru. 

They know without a doubt that they can count on you to help them make their lives better. And as you deliver value into their lives, you watch as money your way, steadily increasing as your email list grows bigger and bigger. Because your marketing isn’t just about prospects, customers, or niches anymore… 

As Seth Godin would say, it’s all about your “Tribe.” It’s about your ability to grow it, connect with it, lead it where it wants to go, and profit from it. 

Sounds AWESOME, right? 

The only question is… 

What is the fastest, most effective way to build this ultra-responsive tribe of people who look to you as their leader? Easy. 

A complete Digital Marketing Services Solution from Content How.

You see, every day the Internet continues to overtake Radio, Newspaper, and Television as the most used, most flexible, and most profitable medium for connecting with the people who can truly benefit from your product or service. 

Your Tribe. 

The Internet Multipliers are Content How’s proven techniques for drastically multiplying the success, sales, efficiency & effectiveness of your business. 

After your consultation you will learn how to layer the Multipliers on top of one another so that you can perform and know: 

  • How to quickly and easily grow your business’s internet presence 
  • How to identify Your Tribe (the people who will benefit the MOST from, and PAY you the most for your product/service) 
  • How to use Email Marketing (aka List Building) to connect with your prospects on a deep, personal level (Direct Response Marketing at its finest!) 
  • How to leverage the business leads you already have to produce more sales 
  • How to exponentially increase your business’s ability to run without you (hello free time!) 

It’s time to step into your rightful place as Leader of a group of people who desperately need your guidance, your support, and (if you’re doing things right) your products and services. 

Scroll up and grab your consultation today!

Let’s face it… Your business needs to grow and find ways to hit goals and profits over the next 12 months. You have probably tried various advertising and sales methods. You have met with consultants, agencies, and hired new marketers in house.

Still, there is no clear path to success

You begin to ask yourself some pretty good questions. How can you make the largest return on investment and hit all your goals. What have you not done and what can you do on a short and limited budget?

If you just had a few million to drop in media buys and digital advertising? If you had that huge corporate account and budget it would be a lot easier, right? Most of us are not in that position…

Discover how to Grow Your Business and Attain Your Goals.

It takes 2 major things for you to hit your Goals.

First you have to know how to transform your digital presence. You need something very useful like prospects, engaged users, and most of all clients!

To do this you need a top to bottom digital sales funnel in place. You need a complete series that converts traffic into buyers.

These are the six stages of the Digital Sales Funnel:

  • Stage 1: Generate Demand
  • Stage 2: Capture Quality Leads
  • Stage 3: Nurture Leads
  • Stage 4: Convert Leads into Customers
  • Stage 5: Close, Deliver, & Satisfy
  • Stage 6: Referrals and Follow Up

But that alone doesn’t mean much unless there’s a clear purpose. To have a purpose, we need a strategy.

Learn to Develop a Strategy with 5-Steps:

  1. Where are you today?
  2. Finding Your Ideal Clients
  3. Mapping Out Your Plan
  4. Getting Your Hands Dirty
  5. Recap & Review

Did you notice that we haven’t said that you have to know how to actual perform the digital marketing strategies?

SEO, Email lists, and your Website are all a part of this and have to be managed, built, or maybe even created. Segmentation of your email list based on their intent in the buying process. Understanding your customer’s lifecycle and connecting everything together to bring a full throttle Digital Marketing Service into your business makes up the short list of what has to be done.

You don’t have to worry about that. It is not your job to know how to build a website, perform site audits, gain authority backlinks, create segments in your email campaign for buyer’s personas, or any of the other heavy lifting technical knowledge.

That is not what having Digital Marketing Services is all about.

You want to know that the techniques are going to create a profit and hit your businesses goals. You want to know what the “VALUE” is versus the investment. You want to make sure this makes absolute sense for your business. That’s exactly what we will figure out as we go through a consultation with you.

We will examine a digital sales funnel and a digital marketing strategy for your business.

What does it take to move us from today to our ideal future? The only way to get there is to know what that future ideal client is, where you are today, and what plan will help you in that journey. We need to analyze where you are at and what assets you already have that we can build off of.

Don’t worry if you are a little light on structure, website, or don’t have much to start with, ideas count!

Developing a strategy like this is exciting!

Whether you call it online marketing, internet marketing, or digital marketing, it all comes down to this: we want a method you can leverage to grow your business and reach your goals.

Digital marketing can be the way to grow your business and attain your goals.  Digital marketing can be powerful marketing. You just need a digital sales funnel and a strategy.

Leverage our proven Digital Marketing Services to grow your business and explode in the next 12 months with profit and growth. Let’s talk today! Grab a consultation and let’s plan for a huge future for your business.

Visit Content How today!



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