The Prefab Trend Keeps Going Strong in the UK


As another hotel made of prefab shipping containers is rising in Ashford, Kent, it only shows how strong the prefab movement in construction is and has been for a while now. There are many different building possibilities with prefab containers, so let’s look at some of them.

The New Hampton by Hilton in Ashford: Built with Shipping Containers

Ashford citizens are watching as more and more shipping containers enter their town, wondering what they can all be used for. Well, the answer is quite simple: They will be used in the construction of the latest hotel in town, Hampton by Hilton. Although some people in the city are surprised and curious to see these large metallic containers go up and assemble together, they have to admit that it gives the hotel a really modern look, but also that the construction is going far more quickly than with a regular building.

In fact, it is one of the advantages of prefab constructions and probably the biggest one (learn more on this page). Since it is already prepared to just be fitted together, the construction workers save time to build it up. Saving time naturally means saving money for the group Hilton, and in a complicated time, with huge losses due to the coronavirus crisis, it sure is something they can use. There is no doubt that the 120-room hotel, built on the corner of Victoria Road and Beaver Road, will add a touch of modernity to the environment.

Prefab Containers: So Many Possibilities

Today, prefab containers are used to put-up many different types of building. The reasons are simple: they can be put up rapidly, then brought down and relocated easily as well. This saves money on the cost and makes it an extremely ecological way of building, since it leaves nothing behind. We have seen them rise everywhere around the world, during the pandemic, as temporary hospitals needed to be created, to augment the number of beds, or to keep patients separated. That is because they are the perfect tool for temporary camps of all kinds.

Since they can be prepared with air conditioning as well as water system and other elements necessary to have in a given building, such as the electricity circuits, it makes it easy to complete the construction, once on location. It is perfect for shelters in these various fields as well: Photovoltaic, electrical, optical fibre, telecommunication, military, and many more.

Anyone that needs something built rapidly, at lower costs and in an ecological way should turn to prefab containers. At least, that is what has been happening over the last few years and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down soon.


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