Wonderful Ways To Decorate Your Patio This Summer


Patio season is just around the corner and soon enough you’ll be inviting friends over for barbequed dishes and refreshing iced cocktails. Start your patio-set up by taking a power-hose and spraying the dirt and grime from your deck until it’s nice and clean. Pull out your furniture from the confines of your garage and give each piece a quick wipe, since they have been gathering dust for most of the year. It’s good to have a patio that’s presentable but it’s even better to have one that’s inviting, so after putting in a little bit of elbow grease, you should start covering the space with delightful décor, dazzling lights and blooming flowers.

Kick off your back patio makeover by covering your furniture and floor-space with gorgeous yarn creations. Follow placemat crochet patterns so that you can drape your table with colorful sundials, granny squares and floral table runners. Hang elaborate garlands made of yarn tassels, pom poms or crochet circles from the walls and railings. You can learn how to craft these ingenious projects by heading to the website Yarnspirations and browsing through their Outdoor Living lookbook. The lookbook gives helpful recommendations for the yarn brands, fibers and colors that work best with the patterns. You can easily order from their huge selection of yarn online and have it shipped right to your front doorstep, so you can get started on your knitting and crochet patterns as soon as possible.

Potted plants are excellent adornments for your back patio because they look beautiful, they make the air fresher and they smell amazing. Get pots and planters full of flowers that bloom during the summer like daylilies, black-eyed Susans, shasta daisies, moonshine yarrow, bee balm, coneflowers, aster and dahlias. Put the largest planters along the deck or on the steps and put the smallest ones on tables or benches. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, simply buy bouquets of cut flowers and arrange them in vases before any of the guests arrive — while the results won’t be as long-lasting, they will still make wonderful impressions.

When it comes to lighting your patio when the sun goes down, you can choose brilliant additions that suit your personal style. If your taste is more rustic and low-maintenance, you can craft DIY summer lanterns out of mason jars, paper bags or tin cans with patterns cut into the sides. If you would describe your personal taste as more dainty and elegant, choose string lights and teacup candles to brighten up your backyard. If you like having colorful decor, learn how to make paper lanterns in bold hues like hot pink, turquoise, electric blue, crimson, golden yellow and emerald green.

You want your back patio to look welcoming to your guests so that they will feel like sitting down and chatting for hours. If you follow these design suggestions, your friends will want to come over to your place for cool drinks and warm conversation any day of the week.


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