Visiting Toronto: A Brief Guideline to Finding the Best Time to Visit for Every Kind of Traveler


Most major cities in the world are full of tourist attractions nowadays, but Toronto is one of the rare urban locations that offer diverse attractions. Many travelers and tourists flock to the city to get a look at the magnificent Niagara Falls that lies at a distance of roughly 1.5 – 2 hours drive from the city, but the city and the entire province of Ontario have so much else to offer as well.

There’s the CN Tower in the heart of the city, which is 553-meters tall and absolutely gorgeous to look at during the night in particular, but if you are more inclined towards having an adventurous getaway in the heart of nature, the Thousand Islands National Park, Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park, and the Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park will provide just that, and these three are just a few among many, many others in the area.

However, to be mindful of the time and season when you visit is quite important and it will vary quite a bit, depending on what kind of traveler you are and what you are most interested in experiencing during your visit to Toronto. Go through these guidelines as we divide the different sections of the year into ideal time frames for all types of traveler.

A General Timeline for Everyone

If one was only interested in a general guideline to what the best time frames are to visit Toronto in great weather conditions and to see some of the attractions the city has to offer, it would basically include two tiny sections of the year.

The first one stretches from the last week of April to the whole of May, while the next section consists of roughly four weeks, starting from mid-September and lasting only till mid-October. These are the weeks when there isn’t a whole lot of people crowding the main attractions, the weather actually feels inviting for a change, and there are plenty of events and occasions to look forward to.

What is the Best Way to Get to Toronto?

When you are looking for the best flights to Toronto, there is no better option than Porter Airlines, provided you are boarding from one of the regions that Porter serves in Canada and the US.

You can find out about all the destinations where Porter flies to and from by following this link:

From there you can decide which airport would be the most convenient for you to board from.

What actually makes Porter the premier option for booking a flight to Toronto can be summed up in the following points:

  • The airport is quite literally in downtown Toronto, so commuting to your hotel will not be a problem
  • The flights are direct, the check-in times are significantly shorter due to small lines and there’s fast gate access
  • Porter takes special care towards providing the best in in-flight passenger care with a top of the line service and retro vibe
  • Passengers get free beer and wine (from the best local breweries and wineries) and snacks are complimentary
  • The lack of middle seats and ample leg space makes seating in a Porter plane unexpectedly comfortable

In addition to everything else, Porter is now also providing great deals on their flights to Toronto, as well as other destinations, so booking in advance might actually get you real value for money deal.

Are You Looking for the Best Weather in Toronto?

Canada is a cold country and at times, it can get so cold that even the locals find it hard to deal with. Therefore, if enjoying a warmer and much more pleasant weather is a priority to you, head over to Toronto between the months of May and September, but beware that rain will be an inevitable part of your experience during this time, even though it will be fairly warm and the sun will stay up for a long time.

To strike a balance between everything, visit Toronto in either the month of June or September because these are the two months that usually experience the least rainfall before it begins to get cold again.

On the other end of things, not everyone minds the cold and there are a lot of skiing and ice-skating enthusiasts who prefer to visit when the snow is thick and perfect for them to have their snow adventures. For them, January and February are the two recommended months to visit the beautiful, snowy city of Toronto and the vast open areas around the city.

Do You Want to Experience the Toronto Islands at their Best?

The Toronto Islands of Ward’s, Centre and Algonquin are, of course, some of the prime spots to relax near the city, but depending on what kind of experience you are looking to have on the connected islands, the time frame to visit will vary.

  • If you have kids with you, summer weeks on the Center island will be crowded but they will love the weekend events and rides
  • If you are looking for a bit of peace and quiet, go just before the summer vacations begin or right after its end
  • The two other islands of Ward’s and Algonquin are comparatively less populated with families, even during the summer vacations

Are You Looking Forward to the Theatrical Performances in the Entertainment District?

Toronto is one of the rare cities of the modern world that still values its theatre to a great extent, and if that artistic appeal is part of why you want to visit the city, there are actually no restrictions here because the Entertainment District is always hosting live performances, irrespective of the time of the year. Nonetheless, the most famous and the biggest of the theatrical festivals is the Toronto Fringe Festival, and in order to see it, you will have to be there in July.

What About the Other Artistic Events?

Toronto is often considered to be one of the seats of art and culture in Canada and the theatre is not the only form of art that this city proudly excels at. Visit Toronto at any time between April to September and you will probably have multiple art shows, musical festivals and film festivals to attend. However, in order to enjoy the more prominent ones, being aware of the dates in advance is advised. Some of the popular dates to mark in 2019 are as follows:

  • Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival will be held between April 25 – May 5
  • The Toronto International Film Festival will go on from September 8 to the 18th of the same month
  • Toronto Summer Music Festival is going to last for three whole weeks from July 14 to August 7
  • Toronto Caribbean Carnival is celebrated from the 5th of July, until the last day of the month
  • VELD Music Festival will rock the Downsview Park for two whole days (July 30 and July 31) with electro beats

If you are looking for an outdoor or trekking adventure, going between late spring to early fall is your best bet because past September, the weather just gets too cold and snowy in the Canadian outdoors to have a safe adventure.

However, if you really want to enjoy Toronto without the crowd, winter is when the city is at its most solitary condition, but unless you are coming from a particularly cold place yourself, keep in mind that the temperatures in Toronto during the peak winter months can be absolutely freezing.

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