3 Tips For Packing To Spend A Season Abroad


Packing for a trip can be a real challenge, especially if you’re trying to conserve space. Because of this, you might have a real struggle packing for a trip that’s going to be extended, like if you plan to spend a few months abroad. So to help ensure that you don’t have to pay for oversized luggage and don’t wind up bringing things that you don’t actually need—or forgetting things you do—here are three tips for packing if you plan to spend a season abroad.

Consider The Culture Of The Area

Before you pack anything into your suitcase, you first need to do a little planning for the most important items that you’ll need to bring. In many instances, you’ll likely need to do some research about your destination to know what to expect there regarding how to dress. According to Natasha Amar, a contributor to GoOverseas.com, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve packed clothes that are going to be culturally appropriate for wherever you’re going. In some countries, this might include clothes that will cover your shoulders, knees, or hair. Especially if you’re wanting to participate in culturally significant customs, like going into temples or other sacred places, make sure you’ll have clothes that are appropriate.

Aim To Blend In

To help you stay safe during your time abroad, it’s a good idea not to draw too much attention to yourself as a tourist. To help you with this, Rebecca Murphy, a contributor to TheAbroadGuide.com, suggests that you leave things at home that will suggest to others that you’re a foreigner. For example, if you have clothes that are branded for a specific sports team, a university, or the flag of your country, you might want to consider setting those things aside and waiting to wear them until you return home. Not only will these types of clothing make you stick out in a crowd, but they might bring unwanted attention to you that could make you a target for pickpocketing or the like.

Plan To Buy Certain Things Once You Arrive

While you might like the idea of bringing everything with you that you might need while abroad, you might find that you simply can’t pack it all in the space you have available. Not only that, but some things that you might want to bring may not be compatible with the life you’ll lead while abroad. For this reason, Meredith Carey, a contributor to Conde Nast Traveler, advises that you plan to buy things like a blow dryer or other hair accessories once you arrive at your destination, as the one you use at home might not work well with a different country’s electricity.

If you’re planning on spending some time abroad, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you effectively pack for this adventure.


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