How To Use Color In Your Next Home Renovation Project


The use of color is something that comes into play in all areas of peoples’ lives and on a regular daily basis. Because it is second-nature, most people don’t even realize the various color choices they make, how color affects their mood, and their atmosphere. If you’re gearing up for a home renovation project, then now is the time to hone in on your color awareness and make choices that fit your personality, lifestyle, home, and existing décor.

How To Use Color In Your Next Home Renovation Project

Here we’ll take a look at some tips and advice on how to use color in your next home renovation project and show just how much of an impact those choices can make on the final product.

Renovating a Bathroom

With bathrooms and kitchens being the most popular areas in the home to renovate, then there’s a good chance at some point a bathroom renovation will be on the cards for you. It doesn’t matter if you are completely gutting the bathroom, or just looking to do a few updates, color should play a huge role in the design.

Rather than just picking colors out of the air, start with the feeling or the look that you want to achieve. For example, maybe you want to create a spa-like bathroom that is calming and has touches of nature in it. Finding inspiration will help you to get a sense of what color palette you like, and you might find it a wise idea to visit a few local spas and find inspiration in their design.

Booksy can help you find a local day spa by typing in the city you are located in, and what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for a day spa, type this in and you’ll get a list of all the spas. Pick one or two that appeal to your design tastes, and then take notes on what they have done.

Some of the most common colors to choose if you want to achieve that calm relaxing vibe are soft blues, brighter blues such as turquoise, various shades of green that can be found in nature, neutral browns for that woodsy feel, and crisp clean grey.

Once you pick a color palette, then it can be carried throughout the paint, tiling, countertop surface, towels, light fixtures, and décor pieces. You don’t want to go overboard in making things too match-match, rather just focus on keeping everything in the same color family.

Renovating a Kitchen

The other popular room to renovate in the house is your kitchen. While you can certainly use that same concept of creating something that is relaxing and zen-like, this isn’t really as common in a kitchen. Instead, homeowners tend to go for things such as modern, art deco, country, shabby chic, vintage, luxurious, etc. Again, this is a chance for your personality to come through in the design that you choose.

When it comes to color in the kitchen, you can go one of two ways. You can go bold and make a real statement, or you can stick to something more subdued and neutral and look to accent pieces and décor to bring in the pops of color.

If your kitchen is open to other rooms in the house, you will also want to make sure the color palette flows in the other rooms. If the color is completely different than the other rooms next to the kitchen, then it will create a very jarring transition that doesn’t feel natural. Color is a great way to create flow through a house, even if you change up the design, furniture style, and décor pieces. Color can act as that connecting element from room to room.

How To Use Color In Your Next Home Renovation Project

Renovating the Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is another area in the house that may need a little attention, and this is a room that allows you to get creative and have a little fun. With bedrooms, you don’t necessarily have to worry about the color flowing with the rest of the house; if you want to veer from the main color palette this is your opportunity to do so.

A bedroom is meant to be a reflection of your personality and is your retreat to escape to. This escape will look different from person to person. Maybe bold bright colors energize you and give you life, then again maybe you already have enough going on in your life and your bedroom needs to be an escape from the stress, in which case a calming color palette would work better.

With a bedroom you can incorporate color into an accent wall, the furniture, the linens, adding wallpaper, an area rug, etc. The most successful master bedroom renovations are typically the ones that have at least a few unique features or pieces that are just for you.

Renovating a Family Room

The family room is one of, if not the main gathering space for the family and guests. With that said it needs to feel warm, welcoming, bright, and airy. Color can certainly help to achieve these feelings, and again can be used to connect that family room to other areas of the house by creating flow.

When choosing the best color for the family room, just like the kitchen it’s important to think about what rooms are directly adjacent to it. If it shares a wall with another room, or is open to another room, then you will need to carry elements of that color palette over. That doesn’t mean you have to do the exact same thing in both rooms though.

Experts suggest not only being wary of the colors directly adjacent but to also be aware of the color undertones. This is something that people aren’t always cognizant of. Just because you have green in the room next door, doesn’t mean any old green will do in the family room. They need to share the same undertones.

The Use of Color is What Makes the Design Perfect

Understanding how to use color in the various rooms of your house and how to create flow and tie things together will help you to achieve some rather stunning home renovation projects.


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