How to Develop People Skills {Must Read}


In today’s world, to compete and to stay ahead, there is a lot more to mere education and skills that get you across to success. It is very important for you to be a likable person if you want to succeed. Hence it is important that you learn these new skill sets which would make sure that you come across a person who is not only warm and helpful to others, but is potentially strong to work their way up to be a leader chosen by the masses.

A person with strong interpersonal and communication skills is a person who is more likely to create more opportunities for himself and would earn more support from the people around him. Here are a few skills and ways you can be more productive in making strong professional and non-professional relationships which would last.


  • Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most important people skills that a person may possess. It is one of those skills which if developed nicely, can not only make you a nicer person but would allow you to lead an uncomplicated life with lesser misunderstandings. ATB works with many different clients, ranging from those who need our assistance on a one time project to those who utilize us for their complete IT support team.

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It is of utmost importance that we communicate by removing all the barriers and by showing respect and care about the thought processes of the people around us. Effective communication makes our lives easier by enabling us to deliver simple instructions without creating a problem that might cause trouble for us.

  • Encourage Laughter

Laughter is a therapy and a tool that kills tensions and stress and enables an easy path to form on which people can communicate to each other in a much comfortable way. Allowing yourself to laugh, or cracking a well-timed joke would make people laugh and lighten up everyone’s mood. Also, it would clear the thoughts and would enable you to focus on problems and issues that need your attention.

Pay special attention to the fact that your jokes are not harmful or hurtful. Make sure that your jokes are appropriate and would not be insulting. Jokes and laughter make people lower their guards and provide you with an opportunity to better know them.  

  • Be a Good Listener

Listening to speaking is a people skill. You have to be a good listener and should pay attention to what people say. If you provide some tiny detail of something a colleague once told you, that colleague would be happy that you listened to him closely and would ensure that he does the same when you are communicating.

On the other hand, if you listen to someone, it means you are showing them respect, and genuinely care about their thought process. Make sure that this process of listening does not end.

  • Good Manners

You will be surprised, how simple etiquettes and good manners make you stand out in a crowd. Minding yourself and handling yourself in good manners, all the while helping those around you to be more comfortable and relaxed is a trait not many people possess.

It is definitely one of the soft skills that you must acquire and work on to improve and make sure that you make everyone around you comfortable.

  • Be Inclusive

Make sure that you are the one including people in common tasks and are supporting mutual learning concepts. This is important because your work is not a top coveted mission that no one else can know about. Encourage the spirit of team learning and mutual growth whenever possible and strive together towards progress.

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Never back down when it comes to helping those around you. Helping people with their tasks would make sure that you are helped if there is ever a need. This mutual trust and reliability is something that is very exclusive and not easily found at workplaces.

  • Being Appreciative

It is important that you appreciate those around you and those who are in need of encouragement from you. Saying some words of appreciation makes sure that a person keeps up the hard work, and thinks about you as a person who knows hard work. Similarly, the appreciation would help you to be more socially acceptable with stronger interpersonal skills.

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Furthermore, the appreciation creates a positive feeling in the workplace where everyone is eager to go an extra mile and does not mind helping a fellow colleague. Appreciation keeps the people motivated and happy.

  • Be a Conflict Solver

Try and be the first one to notice and resolve a conflict. Be clear in how you communicate, even though your body and make sure that no one thinks that you are starting a conflict or are angry. Offer help to anyone who requires it. Make sure that both the parties are heard and reach a mutual understanding that removes all the need for a conflict. Conflict solving is the ultimate people skills.


  • Be More Aware!

Practice being more aware of your emotions and the responses you give to certain situations. Awareness should be the foundational skill to improve one’s interpersonal skills. Know how to keep your emotions in check and balance. In order to be in a rhythm with the rest, you have to be in a constant rhythm with your own self. Allow yourself to recognize when you or others around you are stressed. When it is about dealing with difficult and stressful situations, always remember that proper timings can lead to better results.

  • Respect Cultural Differences!

It is important that we respect diversity and encourage it. Maintaining this respect is an important people skills. We should be sensitive towards the feelings that an individual may have about their own culture. It is a good idea to acknowledge the cultural differences and maintain an easy conversation by expecting some misunderstanding in the beginning. Be patient and calm and eager to learn about the other culture if you want to maintain a healthy communication with that particular individual.

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These efforts would allow the other person to be more sensitive towards your culture too, make sure that your conversations do not include any controversial topics to discuss. Avoid religious and political views, and arguments, especially at your workplace. Ask for help if you have a problem in understanding something in their culture, be nice about it and be politely interested. Make sure that your attitude is of genuine learning, and that the others might not mistake it for mocking of the other’s culture.

  • Live your Values and Morals

It is common for people to mention their values and morals and impose them on others. Which is considered a rude behavior, and is looked down upon? But if you do feel strongly about your morals and values, you should act like it. Leading by example provides everyone a chance to see what values are held close to you.

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Remember to not to enforce your own values on anyone, make sure that you maintain a polite and nice conversation and are not enforcing your own believes on those around you.

  • Be Willing to Learn

Know that failures are only temporary and weaknesses can be overcome by focusing and self-improving. The most successful of the leaders know that the key to success is not in avoiding to fail, but to take that failing experience and learn from all their mistakes. You should be able to communicate your weaknesses to your team, so that you and your team together, can work on excelling that problem and overcoming that weakness.


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