What You Need To Know Before Growing Marijuana


There are a lot of people who have started growing marijuana themselves for recreational or medical purposes. Growing marijuana requires a lot of attention and detailing right from planting the seed to cutting the sprouts. Growing marijuana by yourself is fun as it involves a lot of dedication, and doing it yourself will provide satisfaction when you see the final results. To ensure that the marijuana plant takes the right shape and size, specific points must be kept in mind. Once the seeds are planted, they will require a lot of attention in order to aid proper growth. Below are the things you need to know before growing marijuana. 

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Learn the Basics First

The first step you need to do is to get acquainted with the plant. You do not have to be an expert to grow marijuana, but a little detail regarding the growth and life cycle of marijuana is essential before you plan to grow one of these plants yourself. There are many fundamentals of growing weed, which you can research before planting yourself. Another major thing to keep in mind is the plant’s life cycle and what nutrients are required to grow the plant. Having some basic knowledge before planting marijuana yourself will give you an upper hand.

Pick the right spot to plant the seeds

Picking the right spot to grow marijuana seeds is vital as harsh weather conditions can affect the seeds’ growth. Many people grow them outside because of favorable climatic conditions. Some also prefer growing them indoors as the weather conditions are not favorable outside. If you are growing it inside, you will need artificial light and a fan to keep the plant cool and calm through its growing cycle.

Take good care of the plant:

Once the weed is grown, you should ensure that you take care of it. After harvesting the bud, the process involves nurturing it. This process is called curing. Curing is a process where you are drying the weed so that it lasts for longer. If the buds are cured well, then it lasts longer, and the buds’ flavor stays intact. Usually, fresh weed has a lot of starch and sugar content, which, when cured and stored, goes away and can be consumed. The starch, once gone, gives the bud a better taste. You will also need to find bud rot in cannabis, and if there is, then take proper action to repair it.

Understand the signs of poor health:

Identifying the signs of poor health, such as nutrient deficiency, is essential to growing proper marijuana plants with excellent buds. There are also chances of the plant being infested by pests, which will need to be checked from time to time. Spider mites are among the most common pests that could infest your plants – know more about it in this article from Green Relief. If you know the signs of poor health, you can easily avoid them by taking proper care. If these requirements are not met, the plant might not reach its potential.  Spotting poor health in advance will give you an upper hand enabling you to take action in time to avoid these problems. It is essential to do a bit of research before starting to grow your marijuana plant to obtain the best results.


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