What Is The Best Pot for Growing Cannabis?


If you are looking for a pot for growing cannabis plants, make sure that the roots get a safe and healthy place to grow. Water is a very crucial part of any plant. Make sure you have a pot that can retain water, and it should be able to drain excess water to keep the plant in good shape. Try to select a pot that can provide adequate oxygen to your plant, especially at the growing stage. Nutrients are another vital factor that your roots will require. Keeping them in a suitable container will allow you to balance the pH level as required by the plant. Make sure you choose a pot that can provide your plants with enough space to grow. Roots require space to collect oxygen, nutrients, and water.

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There are generally three types of pots that are in demand these days. Plastic containers, ceramic pots, and fabric containers are some that you can choose from. Below are some of the pros and cons of these containers. These pros and cons will help you to select the right container. For more details on selecting the best container, you can refer to this website on cannabis seeds.

Plastic Containers:

Plastic containers are inexpensive and best for growers who are working to a budget. These plant pots, though inexpensive, can provide all of the essentials required to grow your plants.


  • These pots are low in cost.
  • The drainage system of these pots is excellent. If you want, you can add extra holes too.
  • The process of transplanting is easy in this container.


  • The pot is not able to provide temperature support to the plants.
  • As it is made of plastic, these containers can develop cracks and damage over time.
  • If the plant is grown too big, there might be airflow issues.

Ceramic Pots:

Ceramic pots have their benefits, which make them favorable for growing marijuana plants. Below are the pros and cons of this pot.


  • These pots can retain moisture and also provide a lower temperature during hot days.
  • These pots are considerably heavy, which allows them to withstand the weight of tall and larger plants.


  • For more drainage, making holes in ceramic pots is difficult and almost impossible. If not done correctly using the right tools, the pot might break and crack.
  • Due to its weight, it is difficult to transport big plants.

Fabric containers:

Fabric containers are the latest development in the pot market, especially for growing marijuana plants. These containers allow roots to grow in the outer edge and can be cut back later for new growths to occur.


  • Fabric containers allow enough air to flow to the roots, which is a benefit.
  • This container, out of all, has the best drainage system for plants.
  • The roots in these containers are dense and healthy.


  • These kinds of containers require more attention and care as they tend to dry very fast.
  • The structure of these containers is not great and this can affect the growth of marijuana plants.


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