Tips For Women Just Out Of Breast Augmentation Surgery


Going under the knife for any reason can be a bit scary for anyone, but surgeons are better now than ever before in history.  You’re in capable hands. It still helps to equip yourself with knowledge surrounding the given situation.

Before you plan for your breast augmentation procedure, learn something about what to expect.  Make sure there are no surprises, and check out this quick look at some helpful tips for women just out of breast augmentation surgery.  

Plan to have help

The recovery period after a breast implant or augmentation surgery is not super brief.  For six weeks, you won’t be allowed to lift anything over 20lbs, and that includes small children.  If you want your recovery to be smooth, plan to have plenty of extra help on hand.

Find someone to help out with household responsibilities, and make sure you have plenty of time off from work to fully recover.  Your body has just undergone a fairly major augmentation, and it takes time to heal.

Expect your implants to settle

Directly after your procedure, it’s likely that your breast implants will be hardened and lifted.  You may have some concern about the placement of the implants, but don’t worry. It typically takes up to six weeks for the implants to settle into their lasting position.  

Over time, you will notice that your implants are softened.  The feeling of your breasts will become more natural, and your enhancements will seem stock.  

You will have pain

You will have pain after the procedure.  Most patients experience moderate to severe pain after breast augmentation surgery, and you will be prescribed medications to manage your pain.  

You shouldn’t drive while under the influence of your pain meds, so that’s another arrangement you’ll need to make before surgery.  Make certain to only take your meds as they are prescribed, as they will likely be narcotics (which are highly addictive).  

Your body needs rest

After any sort of breast augmentation surgery, your body will be in a slight bit of shock.  Your body needs rest. You can’t try to hop back into your normal schedule two days after surgery.  Make sure you have plenty of time to sleep, as your body does its best healing while you’re resting.   

The fear of stretch marks and scarring

It’s natural to have some concern that there will be extra stretch marks present on your breasts after surgery.  The reality, however, is that most implant surgeries do not result in new stretch marks.  

The only time this is a real concern is when the patient is receiving an extra large implant.  The skin is fairly resilient, and the addition of a smaller implant shouldn’t cause any unsightly stretching or scarring.


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