How Long Does A Typical Cannabis High Last?


There are many concerns among new weed consumers about how long a high lasts. If you plan on using cannabis recreationally or for medical reasons you have probably wondered how long you will feel the effects. If you are a first-time marijuana user make sure you plan accordingly. We advise blocking out about 6 hours in your schedule for your first weed high experience. Perhaps even take the entire day off so you can sit back and let the herb do its work without any pending obligations. 

In general, a cannabis high lasts for about 6 hours, unlike the forever high that “this is your brain on drugs” propaganda pushes. The experience does vary from person to person. Some users say they go through an afterglow, a feeling that lingers after the high. The afterglow is either a mental adjustment to the effects of the high or it can be a result of how their bodies are processing the weed. 

What determines how long the high lasts?

The way you consume the THC 

The form of consumption that you choose will impact your experience. If you opt for edibles, it will take about 1- 2 hours for marijuana to digest and gradually enter your bloodstream. If you would like to have a go at making your own edibles, we suggest setting up your cannabis kitchen. Smoking the plant means that THC goes into the bloodstream quicker through your lungs. 

How much THC you consume

As you may have guessed, the quantity consumed plays a major role. The more you take, the longer it will last in your body. Your body processes larger doses of weed over longer periods of time. 

Quality of consumption

Using a vaporizer or taking an edible is better than barely inhaling a joint. The point is to enjoy the fullness of the cannabinoids you consume, that way the high lasts longer. 

The kind of strain and terpenes you consume

Cannabis comes in several types of strains and each strain has unique attributes and terpene combinations. All these factors in the particular plant affect the type of high you’ll experience and how long it will last. 

Environment and surroundings

Consuming weed in a space that you are unfamiliar with may heighten the intensity of the high. This means you may experience exaggerated effects that can last longer than they would have if you had been in familiar surroundings. 


Each body has a different rate of metabolizing substances. If your body is slow to process chemicals then your cannabis high will probably last longer than others. Whatever your metabolic rate, we suggest that you stay well hydrated throughout the experience. 

Tolerance and awareness

Familiarity with marijuana and our body’s knowledge of how to adapt to the psychoactivity from a high may impact the length of the high. Users who are more accustomed to getting high from weed may sense that they stop feeling “high” after a shorter time than they did when they were beginners. This feeling doesn’t mean that the cannabinoids have stopped acting in the body. Mindfulness also plays a role. The more you reflect on your high, the longer you’re likely to notice it. 

General health, weight, age and height also factor in. Using cannabis concurrently with alcohol and other drugs as well as personal expectations and previous weed experience contribute to how long you’ll feel the effects. 

How long does it actually last?

So, how long does a dab high last?

When eaten it lasts about 6 hours, give or take. Smoking will give a high of about 2 to 3 hours. If you need a guideline, you can use the Highness Equation. 

Length of High = ( (dose x concentration) / (metabolism x tolerance) ) x delivery method

Check out these approximate guidelines:

A good idea is to get acquainted with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) and how you react to weed. The best way to get a clearer indication of how long a marijuana high lasts for you is to take it a number of times in a secure space. While experimenting, avoid driving, operating heavy machinery and interacting with people who may not be friendly to your cannabis experiments. Knowing how long a high generally last in your body will help you to be a responsible marijuana user. This will make your experiences more enjoyable whether you are dabbing for the first time or discovering live resin and enjoying a high at a concert. This level of self-awareness can help you to take cannabis during your off time without interfering with your daily responsibilities.


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