5 Things To Consider Before Getting Cosmetic Surgery


There are some easy decisions in life, like whether you should wear stripes or polka-dots to work.  However, when it comes to elective surgery, it’s not a decision that’s taken quite as lightly.

Making the choice to give someone permission to cut open and alter your body should involve a considerable amount of thinking.  You should consider potential after-effects and possible complications.  

If you’re considering getting plastic surgery, it’s important to consider the following factors first.

Determine Your Motivations

It’s a good idea to ask yourself what your reasons are for wanting surgery.  Surgery isn’t just expensive, but it’s potentially dangerous. Are you willing to put yourself at risk for the right reasons?

Try to decide whether you’re doing it for yourself or for someone else.  Are you hoping to gain something? If you don’t have a crystal clear answer for why you want to go under the knife, then don’t move forward until you do.

Anticipate Recovery Time

After you get surgery,  you don’t immediately walk away as good as new.  It will take time to recover and heal. It’s crucial that you do your research ahead of time and understand what you may and may not be able to do following your procedure.

You’ll need to arrange time off of work as necessary and anticipate pain. Ask yourself whether your schedule allows being able to rest and recover.

Ask Whether You Have Realistic Expectations

It’s crucial that you have a realistic expectation of what results you’ll get.  Some people think that surgery will magically erase all of their problems, however, following the operation, they are disappointed.

Try to take an honest look at any preconceived ideas you have about what your post-surgery self will be.  Do enough research beforehand so that you have a realistic idea about what you’ll experience after the surgery.

By doing so, you’ll have a better idea of whether the risks are worth the benefits.

Check In With Your Mental Health

In many cases, people aren’t aware of the emotional repercussions that can accompany changing your physique.  Looking in the mirror and seeing a different face can lead to a mental crisis for some people.

It’s important, to be honest with yourself about whether you might be at risk for any psychological damage following surgery.

Determine Your Self Esteem

What is your current body image?  If you’re never happy with how you look currently, maybe you won’t be satisfied after surgery.  It’s important to be at peace with yourself before going into surgery.

You may have flaws here and there, but any signs of self-loathing should be seen as a red flag.  No amount of surgery will turn around hating yourself. It’s important to be mentally and emotionally ready, going into surgery with healthy intentions.


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