5 Great Reasons To Quit Drinking


Although alcohol is acceptable in our society in a variety of situations, there’s no doubt about its potential adverse side effects. However, despite the negative aspects, it can be hard to kick the habit.  A lot of people learn to live with the negative consequences and assume that it would be too difficult to quit.  

However, quitting is entirely possible if you have the right motivation.  Here are some of the benefits you can expect from quitting drinking alcohol. 

Less Drama

A long night of drinking can often lead to a lot more than just a headache and a dry mouth.  Many people find that drinking can lead to regrettable behavior. Whether it’s driving drunk, or getting into an argument with family or friends.

If you drink regularly, you may have gotten used to unnecessary drama here and there.  However, when you quit drinking, you realize how much of your life’s drama is attributed to alcohol.  Suddenly a good portion of your worries wash away. You have a clearer head, and you clash less with those around you.  

You no longer have to muster up the strength to make a phone call to ask your friends what you did last night because you’ve forgotten.  Life becomes much simpler! 

Better Skin

The reason that your head is pounding after a night of drinking is because alcohol is a diuretic.  A hangover is a form of dehydration.  So, imagine if alcohol is drying out your body that badly, what it’s doing to your skin.

Your skin is stripped of its moisture and loses elasticity when you drink all the time.   If you’ve been drinking for a few decades, chances are you may look a little older than you actually are.  When you take a break from drinking or quit altogether, you look much younger! 

Increased Energy

Alcohol is hard on your body.  When you drink an excessive amount, your body has to work overtime to process it.  As a result, you feel sluggish and hazy.

However, in the absence of alcohol, you’ll find that it’s much easier to get up in the morning.  When your body doesn’t have to waste all of its energy processing toxins, your energy is boosted. 

Saving Money

All it takes is a few nights out on the town to see how expensive drinking can be.  Not only is each drink costly, but drinking may lead to impulsive purchases on top. Some people are shocked to find how much extra money they have at the end of the month when they quit going out to bars. 


Each drink packs a punch of calories.  When you drink several glasses over the course of an evening several nights a week, you can consume as many as 5,000 extra calories!  Quitting drinking can make a significant change in your waistline.


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