4 Tips For Losing Weight


A lot of people are finding themselves ready to lose some weight recently. Between a pandemic that’s left a lot of us less than active during lockdowns to just plain living our best lives in eating as we please, there are all sorts of reasons why people may have packed on a few extra pounds. The great news is that losing weight is possible with the right tips in hand. 

Take a look at four of the best tips for losing weight and keeping it off. 

Take Before Photos 

One of the most important steps that many people forget during the weight loss process is to take before photos. Before photos are important because they motivate you to make a change. In addition to motivating you to make a change, they can also be an important point of reference to see how much progress you’ve made. Far too much, we rely on the scale to tell us our results, when in fact, a photo can be much more reliable. 

It’s as simple as putting on a fitted t-shirt and leggings or shorts and taking a full-body photo. After you’ve committed to your diet and exercise program for at least a month, take a new photo and compare the photos side by side. You may be surprised to see that you’ve made much more progress than you thought. 

Start a Food Journal 

All too often, people are confused about why they aren’t losing weight. Sometimes they may think that they’re eating healthy foods; however, once they see it all put together, they realize that they’re consuming many more calories than they realize. Keeping a food journal helps keep you accountable and may sway you from making unhealthy choices that can affect your waistline. 

Move More 

A lot of people think that they have to go to the gym, lift weights and use fancy machines if they hope to make any progress with their weight loss. While this is definitely a valuable way to drop pounds, it’s not the only way. Something as simple as moving more throughout the day can make a huge difference in your weight. It helps to stand up at least once an hour and go for a brisk walk at least 30 minutes a day. If you do this coupled with a sensible diet, you’ll see results in no time. 

Reduce Alcohol Intake 

One of the first things you should do when you’re trying to lose weight is cut back on your alcohol consumption or eliminate it altogether. Not only does alcohol encourage you to cheat on your diet, but it also affects your glucose levels. Consider taking a break until you drop the amount of weight that you would like. 


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