Do You Know who has Been Calling Your Partner?

Do You Know who has Been Calling Your Partner?

There are many things that can make us suspicious of a partner, particularly if we believe that they may be cheating. Many people have their suspicions about a cheating partner but do not take any action, sometimes because they are frightened about the answer. However, if you do think your partner is cheating it is important to be proactive otherwise those doubts will always be niggling at you and you will find it difficult to trust your loved one.


Some people who think that their partner may be cheating become paranoid, and this is something that can simply fuel the fire. Nobody wants to be accused of cheating if they haven’t been doing anything but sometimes constant accusations can force them into this type of situation and they may cheat simply as a form of rebellion against the accusations. Being paranoid and throwing accusations around is therefore not the way to get to the bottom of a possible affair. Instead, you need to try and get firm evidence before you say anything to your partner.


Getting the evidence


Of course, the most effective evidence would be to catch your partner cheating on you but most people who are cheating are very careful about covering their tracks. Catching them in the act may therefore prove to be difficult. What you can do is look out for certain signs that may indicate your partner has been cheating on you, and there are a number of common signs that you can look for.


One of the things that you may notice is that your partner has been making and receiving far more calls than usual on their mobile. While this may not seem suspicious in itself, what can cause suspicion is if your partner never makes or takes these calls in your presence. You may have noticed them walking out and going to another room to talk on the phone for instance. This indicates that your partner wants to speak to someone without you overhearing. Of course, this does not guarantee that there is something amiss. However, if you are concerned you can use a phone number lookup to find out whose phone number is on the phone. This will give you more of an idea if your partner is up to no good, particularly if you were told that they were speaking to someone else and it turns out not to be that person’s number.


You do also need to look for changes in your partner’s behavior. Sudden changes can indicate a change in situation, which in this case may be trying to impress someone else. Your partner may be dressing up more, making more of an effort, and acting differently. They may be going out more or spending a lot more time working than usual, which could also indicate that they are seeing someone else.  These are all signs that you need to be mindful of, as they could help you to determine what is going on.


Should you confront your partner about cheating on you?


You should try and avoid confronting your partner about cheating unless you have reason to do so, otherwise you could end up creating a big problem in your relationship. If you do feel that you have cause for concern, don’t go in with all guns blazing – instead, try and talk to your partner and find out what is going on. If your partner is having an affair, there is little that you can do about it apart from decide what you are going to do. Starting a screaming match no matter how hurt you feel is generally not the answer.


If your partner does admit to cheating, you need to start thinking about what you are going to do. Some people decide to give their partner another chance particularly if they are remorseful and the affair is no longer going on. Others decide that they cannot put up with being in that situation again and will therefore move on with their lives and leave their partner. What you do has to be your own decision and based on whatever you believe will be best for you.


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