3 Things To Do If You Think Your New Home Has Foundation Issues


When buying a new home, you might be so excited to actually move into the new place that you overlook things about the home that could be real issues to you living there. 

Normally, you’d expect a home inspection to bring up anything that’s bigger than a cosmetic issue. However, home inspections can’t catch everything that could potentially be wrong with a home, especially some foundation issues. So if you’ve just moved into a home that you think might have some problems with the foundation, here are three things you should do about it. 

Look Back At Your Home Inspection and Disclosures

Depending on how long it’s been since you moved into the house, you may be able to get some help with the issue through taking legal action against the seller.

According to Melissa Holtje, a contributor to HomeLight.com, if you feel like the issues you’ve uncovered with the foundation are something that either should have been disclosed to you by the seller but wasn’t or should have been caught during the inspection but was missed or left out on purpose, you could have grounds to sue. Now, this might help with the financial aspect of taking care of an unsafe foundation, but you’ll still be the one having to get the work done on the home. 

Figure Out Where Exactly The Issue Is

To start addressing the problems and getting your new home to a state where it’s safe for you to live, ConcreteNetwork.com shares that you will first need to know what the actual issue is and what’s causing it. Only after you learn this information can you know which way to proceed next. 

To help discover this, you should survey your home around mouldings, brick veneers, and windows to see which areas of the house appear to have problems. Then you can better direct the professionals who can actually repair the issues. 

Get Help From A Structural Engineer

To ensure that anything you have done to fix your home’s foundation is done correctly, Jeanne Huber, a contributor to HouseLogic.com, recommends that you work with a structural engineer

Although hiring a structural engineer can get expensive on top of all the other costs for fixing your foundation, with someone of this expertise, you can rest assured that everything with your home will have been properly evaluated and that whatever solutions you decide to go with will be safe and effective. 

No one wants to find out that there’s big problems with their new home that they didn’t know about before they bought it. So if you’ve recently uncovered some problem with the foundation of your new home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you navigate your way through this situation.


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