The Five Business Moves That Make You Look Like a Bigger Player in Your Niche

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In the business world, appearances are still everything.

This rings especially true when it comes to Internet marketing and ecommerce where competition is fierce and entrepreneurs will do just about anything to one-up each other.

The trick to standing out as a business owner today is making yourself look larger than life. Thankfully, this can be done without higher-up connections or a bloated budget.

Despite popular belief, making your business look larger than life is much easier than it seems.

Sometimes it’s the seemingly smallest touches that help boost your business’ appearance and authority amongst the competition. If you feel like a small fish in a massive pond, consider some of the following actionable steps you can take to remind your leads and prospects that you’re the real deal versus a flash in the pan.

Start By Incorporating

While incorporation may seem like a non-issue for online businesses, the title of “LLC” or “Inc” provides your company with a certain sense of flair. Likewise, incorporation is a simple and straightforward process that shows your prospects that you’re more than just an amateur running a side gig.

Given that incorporation is almost always beneficial to businesses from a tax perspective, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t hire a professional accountant, like Shaun Greenwald, today so that you can wear your corporate status as a badge of honor.

The Hidden Benefits of Paid Ads

While few new business owners desire to spend money to make money, there’s no denying the power of effective advertising in the digital era. If you have the budget to saturate your target audience and get your name out there with a killer social ad campaign, it may be worth it to scoring some name recognition in the long-run.

However, that doesn’t mean spending money blindly. Instead, the key to running effective ads is a combination of the following:

  • Making sure that you’re only advertising where your audience is (think: Facebook, for example) to keep your budget low and ensure that you’re only targeting likely leads
  • Running test ads before you scale, which keeps money in your pocket; likewise, this helps you understand what ad messages are working and which aren’t
  • Take the time to write a proper ad and not just some spammy banner that’ll gain no traction

Become an Affiliate

Whether you sell physical products or digital education to your audience, having someone else sell on your behalf is a surefire way to gain some exposure. Likewise, you can become an affiliate for others related to your niche who may be able to give you a boost and grow your name recognition among your desired audience.

Build Up Your Blog

Content creation is a proven goldmine of potential traffic and leads; however, a hidden benefit of consistent blogging is building authority.

From answering questions that burn up your audience to showing off your level of expertise, blogging puts your personality and knowledge on a pedestal. If you don’t want to commit to a full-blown blog on-site, consider free platforms such as Medium which have a professional vibe and massive reach.

Seek Out Endorsements

If you have previously satisfied clients or customers, why not use their positive feedback to your advantage?

Social proof is a powerful marketing tool that requires little more than your time to leverage. By asking for and curating positive feedback from your base, you can show what you’re worth a business owner versus trying to tell everyone about it. If you already provide high-quality service, asking for reviews, testimonials and positive feedback to place on-site should be a top priority.

Becoming a “bigger” business in your space is oftentimes less about cash and more about how you present yourself. Take the time to make yourself look like a million bucks and your base will likely respond accordingly.



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