How These Insurance Marketing Tactics Drive Leads


The insurance industry is in the midst of a tumultuous period of change, with recent innovations forcing professionals to revisit the ways they market their plans to prospective customers and drive leads across the board. Unfortunately, many hard working professionals in the insurance industry are at a total loss when it comes to understanding the new, digital nature of their industry, and few are confident that their existing insurance marketing tactics can generate enough leads to keep them profitable for long.

Rather than sitting down and waiting for financial ruin, savvy insurance marketers are relying on new tactics to drive leads. Here are the latest methods for reaching new customers, and how these insurance marketing tactics drive leads.

Lead acquisition is frustratingly expensive

Any insurance marketer worth their salt understands that lead acquisition is frustratingly expensive, often being one of the most prohibitive costly aspects of their job. Some insurance leads are better than others, too, and far too many marketing gurus are familiar with the pain of collecting many leads only to discover that they’re of a lackluster quality unlikely to pay off for your business. The average CRT in the insurance industry can be quite high, so knowing how to quickly adjust your bid on a search network is imperative if you want to avoid spending yourself into oblivion.

Using lower-cost keywords is also essential, as it’s the only way to have a marketing strategy that can endure for long without destroying your company’s budget. You can’t only focus on getting customers to click on your ads, though, as that means little to nothing if the actual destination they arrive at is lackluster and incapable of getting them to make a purchase. If your offering business liability insurance online, and your business doesn’t have a fantastic web presence defined by clean copy and easily-navigable pages, then it’s unlikely that any insurance marketing tactic you rely on will generate leads over time.

Only after you understand the importance of clean web design will your insurance marketing tactics pay off, as every penny you spend on advertisements is worthless unless customers are impressed by your web page when they click on your ad. Customers who see your shoddy web page may come to think that your insurance company is incapable of delivering a high-quality product, which in turn will make any of your marketing efforts a waste of valuable time, money, and creative energy.

Narrow your target audience

Another essential marketing tactic for insurance marketers is narrowing your target audience, as having too broad of an audience will make most of your tactics ineffective at generating leads. You should be focusing on a niche sector of the market that your business specializes in catering to; niche sites get better search engine rankings more quickly than generic ones, and your ad campaign can be customized to meet the needs of a very small yet receptive audience likely to pick up on your messaging.

Demographic targeting is an important part of this. If you don’t have a solid grasp on the demographics of your target audience, you’ll never be able to cater to them with a messaging campaign likely to tap into their innate needs. Learning about income targeting can help you reduce the overall likelihood that the people being exposed to your content are those who are unlikely to click it in the first place. Proper demographic targeting, in other words, is one of the most effective means of driving leads because it guarantees that people exposed to your copy are receptive to it and have the income necessary to make a new purchase.

Finally, you should be focusing heavily on creative copy, does a great job of this, as advertisements which are generic and unimaginative have little to no chance of catching the modern consumer’s eye. We live in a world of constant digital stimuli, with most digital shoppers encountering someone making a plea for their attention every few minutes if not more often. This means that your message needs to cut through the noise, which necessitates that it’s creative, catchy, and even controversial in certain circumstances, depending on what kind of leads you’re looking for.

Keep these insurance marketing tactics in mind when you’re next trying to drive leads, and you’ll soon be selling more insurance in no time.


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