How Brands Can Reach Millennial Men

Millennial Male

When businesses and marketers talk about the Millennial consumer, they may not differentiate, but by default, they’re usually talking about women. Women are thought of as the primary consumers in many cases, and the Millennial man can go overlooked, despite the fact that they’re a key demographic.

To be successful going forward, businesses need to learn how to connect with not only Millennial women but also men in the same age bracket. They’re frequently not just overlooked, but also misunderstood, but below are some tips that can help businesses better connect with this group.

They Want To Be Helped

Research shows that Millennial men across all specific age brackets tend to be drawn to content marketing that they see as being helpful. Useful information resonates, and most Millennial men won’t engage with content at all if it’s not helpful to them. A lot of this has to do with the fact that this is one of the most educated groups in history (along with Millennial women).

Hanz de Fuko is an innovative company offering men’s hair products, and they regularly feature content that serves as a relevant guide for their audience, such as articles on hair trends for men and how to achieve them. They do a great job of connecting with men in an area which is typically challenging: grooming products.

Be Funny

Being funny sounds like a simple business and marketing strategy, but it’s tough to get right. An example of a company who has mastered it is the Dollar Shave Club. The company started with a 2012 commercial video on YouTube which focused on mocking established brands, and the better value Dollar Shave Club could offer.

Just three months after the video’s debut it had nearly five million views, thanks to organic sharing on social media.


Simplicity is something Millennial men enjoy both in marketing and the products they choose. They don’t necessarily need fancy advertising, content or products to be happy. The tend to be thrifty and searching for concepts and marketing that are direct, and products that do what they need them to do.

One example of a company that stays true to its roots and keeps it simple, while remaining incredibly popular, is Old Spice. Old Spice is great at engaging its target demographic, and it’s become one of the most popular hygiene companies for men ever.

Somewhat along the lines of simplicity is the fact that Millennial men also like is convenience and efficiency. When marketing can point out the benefits of products and services regarding saving time and making things move along more efficiently, it scores points with many male audiences.

Innovation and Being First

As a final note, if you want to market to Millennial men, you need to understand areas where they’re different from women.

One of the significant ways is in the fact that men are more likely to want to try out the newest technology and innovations. The Millennial generation, in general, is considered to be early adopters, but men in particular. Male shoppers like to feel like they’re getting in on something revolutionary or being part of the beginning stages of something, so if you can incorporate this into your marketing, it can perform well.


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