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    Who does not want to play games online and enter sweepstakes? Online gaming has become one of the favorite forms of entertainment for people who like to play games on the web. If you are going to be on your mobile device or computer playing games anyway, why not try to win some money while you play? It is totally legitimate, and you are in full control of how much you want to spend on playing. A good example of a popular gaming and sweepstakes platform is Golden Dragon, which you can find on

    Win Big Money has four very popular gaming and sweepstakes platforms. Golden Dragon is one of them. In each platform is a collection of fun games where you can challenge your skills, try your luck, and just have a good time. The games are meticulously designed with colorful, high quality graphics and animation for a fantastic visual entertainment experience. Test your skills in shooting games, fishing games, card games, or spin a wheel and try your luck! You just might win that next jackpot!

    Players also like the many extra chances where they can win money. Games on Golden Dragon offer bonuses everyday. Those are extra chances to win money in addition to the regular game play. However, bonus opportunities do expire. So if you miss a daily bonus opportunity, you will not get it again until a new one is offered the next day. 

    So, how do you get started with Golden Dragon? You will need to create an account on Win Big Money first. Go to the website, Under “How To Play”, look for their phone number and text them to request an account for you. Or if you have Facebook, you can contact the company through Facebook for your account set up. You will need to provide proof of your identity, like a government issued photo-ID. You will also need to provide an email address and a phone number.

    The “How To Play” page will have a selection of four game platforms. Select the one for Golden Dragon. You will see more instructions on how to sign up for this specific platform. You will get a pin for the system which you need to enter when you login. Once you are logged in, look over the big variety of games that you can indulge in. Each game has different play limits and different methods to win money. Choose the game that you want to play. You will get instructions on how to fund your account to play the game.

    Look out for promotions, too. The promotions are pretty generous. For example, there is a promotion for referring your friends and family. Right now, you can get 500 play credits if you refer someone. Your referral has to go through the steps to create an account and enter your name as the person who referred them. They fund their account. After that is done, you will get your bonus in a couple of days. So, if you like the games on Golden Dragon, why not tell your friend and family about it? Just remind them to include you as the referring person when they sign up so you will get the bonus. You can refer to as many people as you like because there are no limits. Just think of how many extra credits you can get without spending an extra penny! Also, sometimes the company offers higher referral credits during special events or holidays. So, watch out for those.

    Sometimes, Golden Dragon and other platforms will offer extra chances to play games for free. You might get bonus rounds that you don’t need to use extra credits for. You might get free entries to sweepstakes. You might get to spin a wheel for some cash back. The company might announce giveaways through Facebook. Just be sure to keep an eye out for these if you want extra free chances to win money. If you do win, make sure you claim your prize within 48 hours or else you forfeit. If you are unsure about what you have won, just call their customer service number any time, 24 hours a day. They will have an answer for you.

    Speaking of their customer service, this is another thing about Win Big Money that players like about them. Players say that they always get good service when they contact the company with a question or issue about their account. Problems are always solved quickly. Because customer service is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you will always get someone to answer your call. You never have to wait too long.

    You can play online games from the comfort of your home. If you cannot sleep at night, why not log in at Golden Dragon and play a game or two? It is not like watching late night TV where you are just laying in bed staring at a screen. Your mind is active when you are playing a game. You are challenged. Your skills are tested. You interact and you have fun! You don’t need to go out to have fun. Who knows, you might win something big! 

    Because you can play on your mobile device, you can play your favorite games anywhere. If you have a long wait at the doctor’s office or a long line in a store, take out your phone and play a game while you wait. Every time you play is a chance you can win real money.

    Just remember that with any online gaming or sweepstakes platform, including Golden Dragon, make a budget of how much you are going to spend on the platform. Stick to your budget and play responsibly. The games are a lot of fun, and it is easy to get carried away if you do not monitor yourself. 
    If you like to play games online with chances to win a lot of money, give Golden Dragon a try. Once you have tried it, you will understand why this is so popular.

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