Top Mistakes To Avoid When Taking Your New Jersey DMV Test


    Not everybody passes their New Jersey DMV test on their first go at it. In fact, over a third of applicants can actually fail their test when they first try.

    Chances are good that you want to pass the test on your first try; otherwise, you most likely wouldn’t be reading this article to begin with. To help you out, we’re going to go over the top mistakes that you are going to want to avoid when the time comes to take your test.

    Here are the top mistakes to avoid when taking your New Jersey DMV test:

    Not Studying Your Driver’s DMV Driving Manual

    The New Jersey DMV driving manual is by far the most valuable resource that you have at your disposal when studying for your driver’s test.

    You don’t have to memorize the driving manual word-for-word, but you do absolutely need to learn the most important concepts and facts that it presents you with in regards to United States and New Jersey laws and regulations on driving.

    You should jot down important information in your notes, such as the allowed speed limit in different areas, how much alcohol you are permitted to have in your bloodstream while driving, what the different traffic signs mean, and so on.

    Not Taking Practice Tests First

    Practice tests exist for a reason. Besides the actual DMV driving manual, they are probably the next most important resource that you have at your disposal when getting ready for your driver’s test.

    One of the best things about practice tests is that they provide you with immediate feedback, so you can instantly see if you got any questions right or wrong. The goal with these practice tests is not to memorize questions and answers that may or may not be on the real DMV test, but rather to help you see what the real DMV test is going to be like and to actually learn information that you’ll retain for the rest of your life

    If you haven’t already, you should look up sample NJ permit tests and take them multiple times. Each new sample test should have different questions on it, which will be pooled out of a series of same questions that may be used on the actual DMV test.

    Not Observing Your Family and Friends Driving

    Pay close attention to how your relatives and friends drive on the road. Notice road signs and how they are obeyed, and what other drivers on the road are doing.

    To take things a step further, you can put yourself into the mind of the driver in an effort to understand the driving decisions he or she is making.

    You also should not be afraid to ask questions. Asking other people questions you know about driving doesn’t make you look unsure or dumb. Instead, it simply indicates to them that you are curious about learning more about driving safely, and furthermore, any questions you have that get cleared up will absolutely be to your benefit when the time comes to actually take the test.

    Also take note that you don’t just have to ask questions to others while they are driving. You can ask them questions at any time that is convenient for you and them if you think about it.

    Avoiding DMV Test Mistakes

    Passing your DMV test is the final step that you will need to complete before you can officially get your New Jersey driver’s license. This will be one of the most important exams that you take in your life, because not only are you getting your license to drive on public roads and the freedom that comes with that, but you are also effectively learning how to be a safe driver on the road as well.

    That being said, making any of the above mistakes are some of the most common reasons why people will fail their DMV written or driver’s test on the first go. Avoiding these mistakes will amplify your odds of being successful on your first go.

    In short, studying your DMV driver’s manual extensively, taking multiple practice tests before the real test, and observing people you know driving and asking them questions will be the best things that you can do to get ready for the real driver’s test (besides getting actual driving experience in too, of course).


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