10 Collaboration Tools You Want For Your Business

10 Collaboration Tools You Want For Your Business

The number of outstanding collaboration tools available to companies is amazing, and while there are plenty of premium options that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best tool for the job. There are many different tools out there that are free, paid, or some combination of both. Each allows for scaling based on the size of a company or project and allows them to pay to scale as their needs grow.

The key is cutting through all the noise to find some of the truly best group project tools out there.  John Holahan found his tools to launch his business through this research.

So without any further introduction, here is our list of the top 10 collaboration tools.

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Google Drive

One of the most obvious choices in our list of 10 collaboration tools every company should use, it is still amazing how many companies don’t take advantage of this service. Starting as cloud storage for Google Docs and Sheets, these can be shared across devices and be opened to all team members. Teams can work on the same document in real time, project leads can limit the access or editing ability of individual members, and the shared documents can be pulled up by everyone on the team and edited or changed in tandem.

The first 15 GB of space are free, with business pricing moving to very reasonable monthly rates of:

  • $1.99 for 100 GB
  • $9.99 for 1 TB
  • $99.99 for 10 TB

Work Zone

Powerful yet intuitive, two words that rarely go together with software, Workzone allows easy access to shared documents, organized projects, calendar, and requests, as well as having a shared message system perfect for updates or outreach. This allows for a CEO level overview of all the projects going on while specific teams can dive into their projects with laser focus. Well organized and easy to use, this platform has a lot of adaptabilities and receives especially high marks for ability to be scaled up.

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This software starts at $24-$44 a month depending on the level of services and space needed.


Slack seems to be in everyone’s top 10 collaboration tools list and it isn’t hard to see why. This tool is all about communication and it has not taken long for Slack to be seen as the golden standard when it comes to messaging. Offering outstanding messaging and instant message services, this isn’t just about sharing messages back and forth but also allows for the sharing of files. This allows for an entire group chat as well as individual conversations.

When frequent communication is a must, Slack is a tool that you will want for your group. This software has a free version but most likely you’ll want the $15/user per month premium version of Slack.

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Everyone knows Dropbox. The giant in cloud file storage, Dropbox allows each individual to have their files, to have different accounts under different e-mail addresses, and to set up shared accounts to allow a team to come in and all have access to the files available including the ability to edit, revise, or upload changed work.

Whether photos, pictures, or videos, the amount of storage is remarkable, and it’s worth noting that Dropbox hasn’t rested on their laurels but now include Dropbox Paper with the Dropbox account – which is a fantastic note taking and sharing software that often includes helpful tools like photo editing. This wide access is an outstanding option. Business Dropbox accounts start at $8.25 a month for 1 TB, while advanced versions are available at $12.50 a month and $20 a month depending on the level of your specific needs.


Asana’s software is incredibly flexible and works as a web-based software system and the sheer number of project management features is impressive. Workflow management is a major part of what Asana does, encouraging collaboration in a way that naturally moves a project along and builds the necessary momentum for development.

The free edition will be enough for many small companies and startups as it allows a full 15 members access to the core features, which includes dashboards that can be customized. Keep the features you need, get rid of the ones you don’t so the clutter doesn’t distract. That alone is an outstanding option, and there are integration options for other common use software like Dropbox, Slack, and Google Drive, among others.

The premium plan is only $9.99 a month while there is an even more advanced “Enterprise Number” but those quotes are done on a company by company basis.


Generally knew just as an “online phone” the truth is that Skype has some really nifty business features and collaborative features that are worth looking into including secure group chat, individual messaging, picture sharing, screen sharing, and more. There are the basic free service and a premium option one at $2 a month and a premium option two at $5.50 per month. The second is the one that most will want.


This award-winning project management software is flexible, loaded with features, and allows a customized view so workers dive into their group projects. Wrike, while supervisors get an overview of the groups they work with and higher-ups can glance at their supervisors at a glance. This scales well, can be customized for the needs of groups at all levels, and features organized setup that makes it really easy for individuals and groups to see what’s changing at a glance.

Multiple pricing plans include:

  • Free for up to 5 users
  • Wrike Professional $9.80 monthly per user (5/10/15 user packages at this level)
  • Wrike Business Plan $28.80 monthly per user
  • Wrike for Marketers $34.60 monthly per user
  • Wrike Enterprise Pricing $35 monthly per user

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Great as a standalone or integrates with Jira, Confluence is an outstanding piece of collaboration software that is especially effective with software development and programming projects. Add a very fair $10 a month cost per user and it’s easy to see why Confluence is powerful in its niche.


Some serious business collaboration software, JIRA has earned its reputation as a serious tool for serious businesses. The ability to customize or prioritize what you see means being able to bring up graphs, pie charts, or files at a glance to see what progress is being made. Tracking workflow is a strong point of JIRA as well as add-on modules that can be customized.

The cost of JIRA depends on how hosting is being done. Cloud pricing: $10/month up to 10 users $7 per user per month for 11-100 users

Self-hosted pricing: $10 one-time payment for 10 users (server) $12,000 per year for up to 500 users (data center)

Google Hangouts

Why did Google‘s push into “social” end up failing to gain the momentum or staying power they were shooting for? Probably because even when designing social tools, they turned out to be far more effective as business solutions.

In Conclusion, Use these 10 collaboration tools effectively and you will see some serious improvement on the group projects and individual ability to become even more productive as communication and creativity can thrive across the board.


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