What you need to remember when wearing a tank top


Men are always inquisitive about the rules when it comes to wearing a tank top. The summer-time staple might appear to be a complicated piece of attire for men out there because there is a thin line when it comes to differentiating between great and absolutely awful. As tank tops are known to take cues from the basic t-shirt when it comes to men’s fashion, you should think about the right ways of wearing this interesting garment.

Be it the type of body or the overall style, or even your purpose of wearing your tank top, men should not aim at taking any risks!. In case you are preparing to wear a classic tank top for those days when the sun shines, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Consider the Overall Fit: Just like any other favorite tee, you should look into the fit factor closely. As per the rule of thumb, the tank top that you wear should fall just below the loops of the belt. It should not be hugging your torso too securely. As a matter of fact, the tank top that you choose should remain around half an inch from the body in terms of the overall fitting. It will help in keeping you feeling cool and fresh throughout the day. 
  • Follow the Rule of Showing Skin: As far as showing skin is concerned, you should follow the rule whereby you should moderate the amount you put on display. The amount of skin that you are going to reveal through a tank top should not be exceeding the square inches that are covered by the tank top. Moreover, the armholes of the tank top should not descend further than the first rib. At the same time, the neckline of your top should be ending well above your armpits.
  • Summer’s Bright Spot: You should avoid wearing tank tops that tend to reference gym mottos, lifting, or anything slightly cheesy! If you happen to look good in a tank top, then it is understandable that you have invested both time as well as effort in looking after your physique. The things that you can consider when wearing your tank top are the overall prints and colors too. When it comes to wearing men’s tank tops, moderation should apply! 

However, as far as adorning something casual and cool is concerned, you can go for making some off-the-limit choices as well. The experts recommend that you should go for selecting color blocking, graphic stripes, repeated tonal patterns, leaves, flowers, and other similar patterns when wearing your tank top.

  • Be Prepared: Irrespective of how well your physique might look, you will be required to ensure some grooming adjustments are made to ensure that you don’t look as though you are showing off.
  • Not Just for the Beach: Quite contrary to the common belief, tank tops are not just meant for the beaches. Tank tops are highly versatile apparel wear and can be complemented with any casual or stylish look to enhance your overall style. You can consider layering up a tank top with a multitude of options out there –right from blazers to light jackets, overshirts, and more. Moreover, if you are planning to wear one of your designer suits, then you should understand that it is an option!

There are several ways in which you can style tank tops fashionably. You can shop for a variety of men’s tank tops for your summer wardrobe and make it a point to remain at the pinnacle of fashion every time you leave the house.


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