Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Women’s clothing is tricky. Size numbers vary from brand to brand, making it impossible to know for sure what size you wear. Then there’s the matter of style, color, and the event you’re attending. Are you looking for a swimsuit for a getaway to the beach, or are you in need of a sorority dress for a graduation party?


When it comes to your wedding day, what matters is that you and your fiancé are both there, making promises and committing to each other. A breathtaking bridal gown that makes you feel like royalty can make the whole experience that much better, though. With all of the different styles, dress colors, and options available, however, it can be hard to find the perfect wedding dress for you.


You might find that you’ve fallen in love with a certain style, but when you try it on you don’t love it as much as you thought. On the flip side, you may think that a certain style would never work with your body type, but when you try it on you see just how flattering it is.


Style isn’t the only factor when it comes to purchasing a wedding dress. You have to consider your budget and how much you’re willing to pay. Will you be sending an eCheck or will you need to put the balance on a credit card? Do you plan to find a minimalist dress to match your minimalist budget, or do you intend to go all out and get all the bells and whistles?


Ultimately, you want to feel good on your wedding day, and you want to feel beautiful. While it’s important to try and stay in the budget, it’s also important to find the dress that’s perfect for you. If you consider the different dress styles that are out there and which one is best suited for your body type, you’ll undoubtedly be able to find something that makes you feel fabulous while still fitting in your budget.


Different Dress Styles


There are a number of different dress styles and silhouettes to choose from. These are some of the most common:


Ball gown – Ball gowns are full-skirted dresses that look like something straight out of a fairytale.


A-Line – A-line dresses fit well through the torso then gently flow out at the waist.


Modified A-Line – Modified A-line dresses fit well all the way down to the hips, then gently flare out.


Trumpet – Trumpet dresses fit tight and snug until the mid-thigh, then they fan out like a trumpet bell.


Mermaid – Mermaid dressed fight tightly down to the knee, then fan out like a fin at the bottom.


Sheath – Sheath dresses are narrow and straight. They are typically minimal and show off curves.


Tea-Length – Tea-length dresses stop just below the knee.


Mini – Mini dresses will typically stop mid-thigh.


Choosing the Style That’s Best for You


All bodies are beautiful, but certain dress types look better on certain body types than others. Here are the types of dresses that look best for each body type:


Tall and slender – If you are tall and slender with a few curves to show off, sheath dresses will compliment your body type nicely. If you want something a little less formal, a tea length dress will flatter you, too.


Pear-shaped and curvy – Ball gowns are wonderful for pear-shaped women and their beautiful curves. Tea length dresses are also a good option since both flare out around the waist, but show off the torso.


Rectangular and curveless – Not every woman is given curves, and that’s okay. For women who are shaped more rectangularly, trumpet skirts, mermaid gowns, and even tea length dresses are most flattering since they add shape with the silhouette.


Petite – Women with petite frames can easily be overwhelmed by ballgowns and other extravagant dresses. Mini dresses, tailored sheath dresses, or modified A-lines can help make your torso look longer than it is.


Shaped like an hourglass – If you’re shaped like an hourglass, most dress styles will look good on you. A mermaid dress or an A-line…anything with a fitted bodice will help you show off your shape and feel confident.


Final Thoughts


Finding the perfect dress (especially one that’s in the budget) can be difficult to do. If you consider your body type and the different styles of dresses, though, you may find it easier to find one that makes you look and feel stunning. But what it all comes down to is that you and your fiancé are there on your big day, uniting together and starting a new life. Which dress type do you think will flatter you best?


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