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How to Encourage Innovation in Your Small Business

small business

Innovation has always been important in the business world, but we’re really at a time where success is about a race toward the newest products and ideas. With technology, it’s possible for even the smallest of businesses to be competitive with much larger organizations, though, and that’s something that’s relatively new.

When small businesses fully embrace the idea of innovation, it puts them on par with their significantly bigger competitors.

The following are realistic ways that even small, traditional businesses with limited resources can embrace innovation and leverage it.

Work with Professionals

There are organizations like SIT, which stands for Systematic Inventive Thinking, which can come in and work with your business leaders and your employees to develop the culture and organizational shifts required to lead the way in terms of innovation.

This may require a little investment in the beginning but ultimately tends to be pretty successful for businesses that go this route because they can put in place tried and true principles and approaches that facilitate innovation.

Use Your Size To Your Advantage

While it might seem like big organizations have all the advantages when it comes to innovation, this can be the opposite. Yes, they might have more financial resources, but there are also more channels and bureaucracy that ideas have to flow through before anything can happen.

It can take months for a single idea to receive approval, whereas small businesses have agility and flexibility that they should use to their advantage by being fast and making rapid but informed decisions.

Create an Innovation Team

If you have a small business of just a few people, this tip isn’t relevant to you, but for larger small business and mid-sized organizations, sometimes it can be advantageous to create a team dedicated to experimentation and innovation.

They can feel free to look at new ways of doing things in an environment that make it safe to fail. The rest of the business can continue with what they know is working to keep cash flow moving along smoothly and avoid having the entire business go down because of an idea that didn’t work.

This doesn’t mean that everyone isn’t involved in innovation, because collaboration often leads to the best ideas, however.

Integrate New Ideas With Employee Performance

A lot of employees don’t feel a lot of motivation when it comes to introducing new ideas. In fact, they might feel as if their ideas aren’t appreciated or listened to. If you’re a small business that wants to be more innovative, you have to counteract this. It needs to go beyond simply telling your employees you appreciate new ideas.

Instead, you should try to incorporate the introduction of new ideas as part of their performance reviews. Recognize and reward thinking outside of the norms, and show employees that a culture of innovation isn’t just something you talk about—it’s something you want to see in action in your small business.  

June 23, 2017

15 Suggestions to Drive Traffic to a Blog

Blogs are generally known to have an upper hand compared to most e-commerce websites, particularly in terms of traffic generation. The speed of which weblogs are usually indexed, its capacity be included in various blog directories & other regular directories, the ability to be pinged by pinging services, as well as leaving trackbacks for every connection made with other bloggers, are some of the notable differences between the two. All these tiny aspects can help push more traffic to weblogs. Listed below are 15 well-known techniques that you may make use of today:

Tip 1) Generate at least four search term posts daily. Most of the best blogs including Instapundit Boing Boing, and also Daily Kos (the last one having virtually tens of thousands of guests per day) distribute an average of 25 small 100-150 phrase posts daily according to a blog post sharing the secrets of popular bloggers, which you can read on TNL.net.

Tip 2) Submit your blog to My Yahoo! Once you submit the RSS of your blog, you will quickly be classified by Yahoo.

Tip 3) Submit your blog to the Google Reader. Once you submit your own blog’s feeds to Google’s Reader, your blog will then be indexed by the search engine.

Tip 4) Add an appropriate link index to your website and exchange links like crazy! Although it usually takes more time than merely submitting one time links, this method could very well be the best way to push traffic towards your site. Utilize software, particularly Zeus, to speed the link exchange process.

Tip 5) Go to ping sites (e.g, Ping-o-matic) and submit your blog posts. Ping your blog every time you put in a new submission on your blog.

Tip 6) Distribute your blog to more traditional search engines (i.e., MSN and AltaVista).

Tip 7) Submit your blog to standard directories including DMOZ. Directories (specifically DMOZ) increase your blog’s relevance to Google search bots. DMOZ is very particular, but what’s there to lose by trying?

Tip 8) Submit to numerous RSS websites and search engines. It is a simple yet repetitive method that can be done effortlessly by leveraging on reliable software (e.g., RSSSubmit)

Tip 9) Go to other sites to comment. Do not just give short and very lazy comments just like “I agree.” Leave proper responses that will drive readers to wonder, “Who said this?”

Tip 10) Utilize trackback. If there is a site or two that you reference and it is tightly related to your subject matter, leave a trackback. It increases the link popularity of your blog and may also score you a couple of interested viewers from the related site.

Tip 11) Go out on the real world. Use newspapers ads, general public bulletin boards, cards, even decals to let as many folks as possible realize that your blog is out there.

Tip 12) Advertise a link to your blog within your e-mail signature.

Tip 13) Utilize Groups (Usenet). Locate some relevant groups on Yahoo Group, Google Group, MSN Group, in order to find folks similar to you and consult them on the topic you focus on your website. Ensure that you make use of blog links with your blog name as the anchor text as much as you can.

Tip 14) Use Community forums. Forums are probably the best places to hear and offer advice. Head to forums in order to find problems you can fix. Make sure your blog name and link is included in your profile and signature, but please be tactful when it comes to placing links in your signature; some community forums get frustrated with those that selfishly post numerous back links to their own web site and then disappear like a burst bubble.

Tip 15) Tag your blogs. Tagging is a relatively new idea which simply erupted throughout the web. Web sites like Technorati, Del.icio.us, and many others use a social characteristic that allows you to put your article beneath keywords or otherwise known as “tags”, that everyone are able to see when they search for a particular genre of websites.

Despite the fact that these are a number of the most popular approaches to drive traffic to your website, do not stop your marketing efforts here. Be creative; you will soon produce thousands of approaches to drive traffics to your website!

June 21, 2017

11 Principles of a Copywriter

Copywriting is probably one of the most complex arts on Earth. As in every career, there are some vital rules that all copywriters need to stick to so that they can impress a reader and provide appealing articles. What are these kinds of well-known yet frequently forgotten principles that every copy writer should stick to?!

The first rule is that a copy must remain precise. The text needs to be in a coherent and also logical structure. There should be a definite order that your entire message and how it is written follows. Additionally, you should always think of your market as if they’re standing right in front of you and your job is to stress the main points of the message that you are delivering.

While writing the advertisement, you must try to respond to several crucial questions. It’s vital to brainstorm such questions before devising and styling your copy.

Ensure that your copy is easy to read. An individual message will need to have just one crucial point. It isn’t advisable to contain several topics in a single copy. Despite the fact that it’ll eventually become an advertisement and a few exaggerations may be included (actually, some experts even encourage them), the message should never contain blatant lies. If people suspects that you’re lying, they will not be likely to take what you are saying as true and might also doubt the credibility of the whole business you are working for.

The message has to be written in straightforward, easy to read and also understandable manner. Do not patronize and attempt to be sincere and simply repeat what your customers say. Don’t be very complex in the creation of your concept. However, it would be advisable to start adding some technical terms within your advertisement, depending on your target audience and niche that you’re writing for. In any other case, write in more basic terms since your message could be read by some people who are not knowledgeable about the technical processes you’re talking about.

Check your syntax and punctuation mistakes right before you put the message on your website or perhaps submit it to and advertisement agency. Avoid the use of too many terms; try to be succinct. Your concept should be remarkable. Talk to the reader of your advertisement as if you’re speaking face-to-face with them. Make use of such terms as “you” or “your” whenever you can, as the ads that directly talk with their target customers are a lot more appealing.

3 Smart Ways to Incorporate Images Into Your Business’ Content Strategy

artistic image

Modern marketing for all businesses has entered the era of imagery; however, are you keeping up with your audience’s demand for visual content?

It doesn’t matter what you’re saying or selling: customers today making major buying decisions at a glance. Likewise, the most popular content on the web, from viral videos to amazing infographics, is rooted in imagery.

Hubspot’s must-know visual content statistics for 2017 represent a telling story for just how powerful much modern imagery matters. For starters, consider that…

  • Nearly three-quarters of social marketers regard visual content as more important than written content
  • Over half of all marketers prioritized visual content above all other types in 2016
  • Infographics and image-based content are shared and “liked” three times more than any other type of content via social media

The key takeaway here? You can’t ignore imagery as part of your business’ strategy anymore. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of options to integrate visual content into your marketing: all you need to do is understand the tools and actionable approaches to make it happen.

So, where do you start?

Smarter Social Images

If you’re promoting your latest blog post or product launch via social media, it’s crucial that you pair your post with some sort of picture. Beyond generic stock photos or boring product page thumbnails, consider using some savvy tools to create graphics online such as eye-popping image title cards.

These graphics can be created in a matter of minutes and represent a way to stand out in your social feed. Using your brand’s color scheme and typeface as a starting point, you can create a stronger brand identity via social media and become immediately recognizable to your followers. 

Better Imagery on Your Blog

You’ve probably seen tons of those “best hidden stock photo sites” listicle posts around the web lately, haven’t you? Unfortunately, those resources don’t stay secret for very long when those sites get shared around thousands of times over.

It’s clear that your content needs to contain some sort of imagery to break up walls of text and give your readers something to look at. But how can you do so without relying on stock photos? Naturally, you have options such as…

  • Sourced photos from other blogs and social media platforms such as Pinterest
  • Screenshots that you take yourself (think: graphs, statistics and other buzzworthy graphics that your audience would be interested in seeing)
  • Important quotes or statistics presented as a large image versus plain-text

Scoring with Selfies and Social Content

If you have any satisfied customers via social media or anyone that’s showing off your product or service, why not use those customers to your advantage? For example, if you’re a t-shirt brand and someone tags you on Instagram wearing your latest fit, feel free to ask permission to implement their generated content throughout your marketing campaigns. User-generated content is the highest form of marketing via social proof as you let your fans and followers know that you’re the real deal.

You can apply the same strategy to positive feedback and reviews via emails and review sites. Showing off this sort of content only boosts your reputation and makes you seem most trustworthy in the eyes of potential customers.

Incorporating imagery into marketing strategy should be a matter of “when” not “if.” Take advantage of the various strategies to produce and curate visual content to keep your audience’s eyes on you. Literally.

5 Methods to Increase the Traffic You Get on Your Blog

Weblogs are an extremely popular way of marketing your product or service. They’re easy to set up, easy to manage and rather easy to update, too. That’s not to mention that search engines adore them too. However, what is a weblog without visitors? Exactly. Listed here are five fast ways to increase traffic flow to your site and start seeing large sale counts.

One: Build a listing of blog owners that allows pinging

There are a lot of blog owners you can actually ping. Pinging means that a person gets notified by a particular service that you’ve updated or modified your blog. These types of services then allow the blog owners to check your new articles, consequently bringing you traffic from their website. I’ve designed a list of 50 weblog services you are able to ping on my small site. This type of blog list can also be found if you do a quick search on Google or any other internet search engine for it. That will most probably be enough to provide an initial increase to your visitors.

Two: Include buttons to reputable news readers or aggregators

Exactly what does this mean? There are websites like Google or blogs and so on, which have a “members” section. In this part, you can choose sites along with their RSS feeds that you would like to fetch the most recent updates from. This way, you can have the most recent updates of, let’s say, fifty blogs on one web page. I have a listing of these well-liked pages on my small website as well as the buttons that link to all of them. Users may then easily include my weblog to their chosen news reader.

Three: Update your content material regularly

Search engines as well as blog providers love constant updates. It is extremely likely that you will get targeted traffic through search engines, so you should post regularly–you should actually publish material to your weblog at least once each day. But be cautious: too many posts per day may damage your search engine position, as well as hits. What is too many? Ten or more a day.

Four: Post within forums

Publish in discussion boards, but don’t become a spammer. Publish something clean and interesting and set a link back to your blog inside your signature. Don’t merely post in any forum you find. For instance, if you’re promoting CDs, publish in discussion boards that are focused on music. Do not post within car discussion boards if you’re promoting furniture. Through posting within forums, you’re going to get one-way links that are good for getting high internet search engine results position like Google, Bing or even Yahoo!.

Five: Submit to weblog search engines

You will find masses of search engines like Google available, which list blogs in a directory. Simply Google terms like “blog search engines,” and you ought to find a minimum of 20 of these. These weblog search engines can help you with getting targeted visitors. Be sure to create a good name and a great description for your blog to ensure that people will locate it fairly easily and then click your link.

Follow these five easy actions, and you will start to see lots of visitors on your blog. And also, your long-anticipated sales will begin coming in. You should also update your weblog with fresh, unused content material that you create yourself.

June 16, 2017

Step Guide for Newbies Wanting to Be an Affiliate Marketer

No one can deny that affiliate marketing is advantageous for both the online product owner and affiliate marketer. In this system, the affiliate marketer takes home a commission for acquiring revenue, leads, and even simple clicks that redirect to the product owner’s website.

Affiliate marketing online provides great benefits for both the merchant as well as the affiliate who advertises the products. What the merchant gets is the ability to market his goods for free to larger audiences, consequently boosting his revenue. It works this way: every great online marketer he recruits adds to his list of revenue maker. Since he now has online marketers to do the promotion for his offers, he saves precious time, energy and moolah with regards to looking for advantageous markets and also customers. Each time a client clicks the link inside the affiliate internet site and makes a purchase, recommend it to people he or she knows who are trying to get the same merchandise, or buys it once more time, the merchant makes more money. When we flip the screen towards the affiliate marketer; he also benefit from each client who visits his website, clicks the product link, and then actually spends on a product or service that he’s affiliated to. The affiliate receives commission for every sale. This commission may be a set percentage or an already pre-agreed amount. The greatest benefit for you is that you don’t need to spend even a dime to be accepted into an affiliate program.

So, do you want to become an affiliate marketer and use the Internet to make money? Then remember and follow these three steps for effective affiliate marketing:

The first step, of course, is to identify a certain niche that works for you—one which will keep you excited, so you won’t become bored or, worse, forced to produce your online website down the road. When you focus on a certain area you known much of, then you can certainly bring out your very best when creating contents for your site later on. These sources can help you research on the niches that you have in mind to see if they’re indeed profitable: ClickBank Market, CJ.com, AssociatePrograms.com, and LinkShare.net. There’s no point in putting up a website that nobody is interested to visit. If there are profitable products featured in the sources mentioned above, then there are high chances that the niche that you’ve selected is profitable as well.

Second is to look for excellent-paying vendors and sought-after products. Look for good-paying affiliate programs in your chosen niche. After that, you can create a blog or website to promote the products you’ve selected. When finding merchandise, you must also look at the help the merchants are offering, specifically when it comes to creating different ads like posts, banner ads, classified pages, text links, case studies, and more.

There are numerous affiliate sites and information libraries that can point you towards the most rewarding products and, at the same time, the greatest paying vendors. So be wise: Find an affiliate program that is worth to invest your time in, and one that would be paying your for a long time to come.

Finally decided on the products to market and merchants you would like to assist? Finished developing your own internet site with a great domain name and trustworthy hosting? Then you can start promoting. Here is the toughest portion of your affiliate marketing recipe: you have to drive traffic and leads to the merchant’s website. Only by doing this can you generate revenue. In affiliate marketing, you can certainly gather a sizable income in a brief period of time, but you’ll have to deploy effective marketing strategies for you to achieve that.

Want to know how to promote products? Well, we need to reserve that for a different discussion. For now, you have to keep reading and researching online to find out what’s the best and proven advertising and marketing techniques that’s working right now, and see which is the strategy that best suites your style – be it SEO, Social Media, or Paid Advertising.

You need to know: there is no speedy path to become a millionaire. Affiliate marketing can be tempting. After all, there are plenty of testimonies from merchants and also affiliate marketers who took advantage of affiliate marketing. Nonetheless, you need to work hard and have great determination. It is also a must to be creative and versatile in your affiliate campaigns.

Most internet marketers don’t understand this. So, when they’re unable to generate sales, they often end up quitting and looking for other programs, consequently carrying on the same mistakes. In the long run, they will tell people how affiliate marketing is another one of the popular frauds on the Internet. That is furthest away from truth. It is possible to achieve great success if you are able to employ proper strategies in your affiliate marketing. It is certainly possible to make money with affiliate programs, but you have to be ready to take all the steps laid out here.

June 14, 2017

What To Know About Having a Detached Home Office

home office

Increasingly people are working at home, whether it’s all the time, part-time, or they have their own business they operate at home. Unique work environments have led to more interest in creating functional, versatile home offices that are professional but fit in with the rest of your home.

One of the top options for a lot of people is the addition of a detached home office, but there are some things to consider first.

Options for Detached Offices

There are currently so many options for having a detached home office. One of the most unique and often spacious is the metal garage, which can be put together in a matter of few days and creates a cool, industrial feel. You can also design your detached home office on your own and have it custom built, or even use a shed.

The options are almost limitless.

The Benefits

If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not a detached home office is right for you, there are a lot of benefits.

The first is the level of privacy and quiet you’ll enjoy. If your home office is actually located inside your home, it can be tough to separate work from the rest of your life, and if your kids or the rest of your family is home, even taking a phone call is difficult.

A detached office gives you the convenience of being at home, but also complete separation. It’s good for work-life balance as well.

When your office is detached, it’s also beneficial when you’re meeting with clients. You’ll have more dedicated space, and that will help you convey a greater sense of professionalism.

Resale Value

One of the most common things that most real estate agents say clients are looking for are home offices. With today’s modern work situations, more and more people don’t just prefer them but require them. If you’re looking for a good way to up the resale value of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers, adding a detached home office is an excellent option.

Tax Deductions

Working from a home office can save you money in a variety of ways, including on costs like paying for gas to commute, and eating lunches out. It can also be used as a tax deduction, and this includes detached home offices.

In fact, detached home offices provide even more clear-cut rules in terms of using them as a tax deduction, since they’re exclusively used for work.

You will usually qualify for this deduction if there is a clear distinction between your office and the rest of your house, and you can calculate the deduction by multiplying the square footage of your office by $5. Deductions of up to $1500 are available.

These are just a few of the benefits and things to keep in mind if you’re considering adding a separate home office building to your home. It can be not only a great place to work and meet with clients, but it can also save you money regarding taxes, and improve the value of your home.  

June 14, 2017

More Than 9 Profit Erupting Processes For Your Business

The Complete Everything Is Out There Guide To Our Business

This guide will help you in a number of ways. You can always re-read the great landing page in order to see the benefits you can gain from this guide. We wrote this guide with a unique method.

  1. We first explain where the skill set or mindset came from.
  2. We then show you the exact skill or information.
  3. Then we discuss why we follow that skill set or thought leadership.
  4. Any Negatives or Initial Setbacks From That Thought Leadership or Skill Set

The reality is that our business is built in the same manor that great businesses normally are. Hard work, Passion, Determination, and Thought Leadership.

We are inspired every time someone downloads this guide. We perspire daily to make it. We are relentless in improving it as it is a template for our business.

Explanation of our Value Statements:

Our Value Statements are not unique in fact you can find them in The Bible and other books written by mere men. They help us have the right mentality. We found that we are very selfish by nature. This particular set of value statements make sure that our goals align with those of our customers throughout our process.

We have found that by providing these exact value statements we are increasing our business and our businesses reach at an extreme rate.

So to put it simply we feel that these provide the greatest results for our business. We are very results driven and measuring our results we notice that when something isn’t doing well we can normally find the answer by asking these three questions concerning that particular piece of the equation and process.

Our Exact Value Statements:

  1. Do What You Say
  2. Double What You Have
  3. Always Put Others First

Why these Value Statements:

The Reason we rely on these are because the proof we have gained from years of adhering to them. We would feel honored if you take them up as your business philosophy or value statements as well.

We have also seen that when we follow these value statements that people are willing to help us abundantly reach and obtain our goals. Since our goals are based on helping more people while maintaining a high quality and high level of service to that increase in clients and revenue it means that the more we obtain the better our results and processes are.

This is an invaluable formula for increasing and gaining clients. It has really meant to the world to our business. We can’t say enough about this simple yet effective thought pattern.

Explanation of Our Services:

While we are going to go through each of our services, there is a philosophy to how we choose which services we offer and which ones we keep and perfect.

We rely on this method of making a new service or product because it adheres to our values and it creates the results we want for the long and short term. This also keeps our business growing by adding in end goals to product creation.

While we first look for customers and what they want (identify problems we can solve), we also find ways to out-perform anything in our customer’s expectations.

We found two major types of retailers in the market place today:

  1. Over Promise and Under Deliver
    1. While we are all familiar with this sleaze bag on the internet. We took it a step further.
    2. They normally had the goals right except they forgot some important factors to success in the long term.
    3. They produced a profit and drove demand. They even gained SEO. They didn’t however realize that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
    4. This is quite common to get first time customers in on a product and then disappear. The problem is that what goes around comes around.
    5. We realize that this doesn’t match up with our values and it doesn’t promote easy business which is when your customer’s friends are calling you to do business.
  2. Implementation Failure
    1. This is the second level of failure for many in the marketplace. They simply don’t set expectations properly or they try to service everyone.
    2. They normally have a good service but do not have enough or the right people.
    3. Great Sales People – Not Enough Service Minded Professionals. There has to be a task manager in the group that will not let everyone leave until that days, weeks, months task are all completed.
    4. The reality doesn’t set in immediately as the backend is where the problem is.
    5. You feel good until you don’t as a purchaser of this product. There just isn’t any delivery.

This is how we avoid these two major foul mistakes in our services. Here is exactly what we do:

We are Guinea Pigs.

  1. We start by researching new methods that we either think up, hear about, read about, or see a hybrid strategy of.
  2. We then test that new strategy out on a number of our own sites.
  3. We then try it one more time on a future agency asset. (Money Site)
  4. Then we document the results and utilize it in the approach the market.
    1. Find who would benefit the most from it
    2. Find the exact targeted market for that type of service
    3. Find Ways to get that extraordinary information in front of that audience


We treat our pricing in the same manner.

  1. What is currently in the market place?
  2. What is the lowest priced for the results our client would want?
  3. What are we doing differently and better than the best price in the market?
    1. If nothing – We can’t offer this service and must improve
  4. How can we compete and create a wonderful customer experience for the significantly lowest price in the market place?
  5. Can we add any other low cost value items into the services?
  6. How can we enhance the service later because of volume?
  7. Are we absolutely certain we will outperform the customer’s expectations to the point that they will “blog” about our extraordinary results?

Why we do it this way?

We found that there is always something new out there. If there isn’t something new then there is a new spin. Especially in internet marketing and SEO.

Haven’t you heard X is the newest search engine ranking factor that will skyrocket your results and I know how to do it for you for this little amount.

This is a normal Sleaze Bag tactic that sets off alarms in our head. We see this and “face palm.”

We just want to be able to sleep at night. We like developing long term lasting relationships with our clients to the point that they become like family. We Love Our Family.

While again may seem weird. Profit is all that matters in business is why there are so many failing businesses. We have just seen in the results we have had that the more we try to give the higher and faster we grow.

When we set solid expectations, give tremendous service, and always have a human on the other end of the call then we can grow to any level we want. The only factor is time.

Key Factor to Our Success – The Daily Mentality with Content

Time is the biggest factor most businesses are trying to avoid.

This comes because they feel they needed to have been bigger faster. They need to hurry up. They are missing out on something.

We are content with where we are today because we know that there is a great tomorrow. This allows us to grow as we can, reach for more daily, and just look at increasing our market share, businesses reach, and personal development each individually and as a company daily.

We saw great inspirations that took today to:

  1. pay attention to details that matter
  2. work on improving what they could that day
  3. align themselves with long term vision while performing actions to hit short term goals

We took those simple 3 items as thought leadership within our business.


We are big time on outsourcing and hiring more people and expanding our skills as managers and less on skills. This is speaking as the founders.

We manage outsourcing very differently though.

There was a buzz word in the early 90’s that we found kept people away from managing their business properly.


We don’t feel that we micro manage. Every time we “outsource” or have someone in house do something we follow a simple set of behaviors that insure proper delivery and met expectations:

Our Outsource Checklist:

  • Set Expectations – What are you going to do? How are you going to do this? What results should we expect exactly? How can we measure this result using real data?
  • Set a Calendar – When are you starting the project? Worst case scenario (real life happens) when will you complete the project? What are good checkpoints and dates that we can schedule to make sure we are hitting our targets?
  • Previous Results – What previous results have you had and what proof do you have of it? When will we see this proof for ourselves on our medium if we choose you? What are negatives you normally hear from your work (be real as nothing insures you don’t get the job)?
  • How Much – How many times can you do this and why? Are you relying on hiring more people, if so, then how repeatable is your process (be honest as we may offer to invest in you here)? Have you ever not completed a task/job because of the amount of clients you had at that given time?
  • Pricing – How do we get the lowest Price available? Will this result in the same results as promised? Do you have a discount for volume orders, if so, how many do we have to order? Do you provide payment security (think PayPal, no perform no money)? How in control are you of the process you deliver (what if we don’t like it, can you take it back)?

*before any client is ever given to an outsourcer or in house newer person we have already tested and seen the results.

This short very thought out crafted questionnaire will tremendously help reduce your risk when you are hiring someone that “says” they have a certain skillset or when you are outsourcing your work through freelancers.

We also only use Firms. No one man shops allowed. There has to be a manager.

We found that this simple yet effective format opens an honest or obviously lying kinship with our people. We can clearly see from the answers whether or not they are ready to begin with us.

We also know that even when people can’t answer the questions that it doesn’t mean they can’t work with us. We often will help people obtain the answers and help them improve their business. This helps our business as well as theirs. This falls right in line with our value statement.

When we started outsourcing things like research, proofreading, landing page design among other things we found that there was one more important factor.

Bullet Point List:

We always have the project broken out into attainable and explainable bullet point list. We communicate the list in two ways. We share it via email/share folder. Then we get on a phone call/skype to talk through the list and make sure we both understand the demands and results that will be achieved from the completion of the project.

While these steps seem time consuming. They actually help us achieve less with more. We normally only request the item to be done one time. With the exact thoughts laid out the person working doesn’t design anything wrong.

This effectiveness provides us with a greater time management (we took less time doing it) than the more traditional post general statements and they will figure it out approach. Our people love working with us because of it too.

They always know what to expect and exactly what to do to receive the satisfied result.

That is a critical point that we have found many businesses forget about. If you don’t get the result you want then the time doesn’t matter.


One of our biggest service features in the fact that we can obtain links from many of the top websites in the world. The traffic and authority these websites give you are tremendous and can transform a business.

First let me explain what amplification is and why it is so important:

If you write good content and wonder why it doesn’t boost your rankings…

It is because no one is seeing it.

There are 3 critically important things to digital entrepreneurship:

  1. Design – If it is not inviting then no one will ever come in.
  2. Headlines – If it doesn’t get them with a hook then you can’t catch them.
  3. Ever Seeing the Design and Headlines! – If you don’t find a few mediums to bringing in people to seeing your content, design, and headlines then you will never have a backlink to it.

Backlinks are the largest ranking factor in Google. These are measured and tracked by Google. Different links give a different value towards the site that it is linking to. This value adds up to a number that is measured with the other factors against your competitor to see which site should rank over the other one.

That is called an algorithm.

Amplification is where you feature your content in front of people that can then write about it, take excerpts from it, and site it as research or thought leadership by giving a backlink on the site they are writing their piece about your piece on.

See how that works?

So when you put a great piece of content written to perfection in front of an established set of writers that we have a relationship with that is then followed up with social media interaction, emails, and phone calls. It engages the journalist, writers, and site owners to want to create a link to that piece of content on your site.

That is how the amplification process is done.

Here is how we came to getting those connections.

We started with various freelance websites. We posted jobs with our template found above and asked that the responders provide the type of links they can get, the website they can get it from, and several samples where they have gotten those links.

We also asked what the approval percentage was for that medium (site) and how we could contact them ongoing in order to make sure we gained approvals before payment incurred.

We then ran analysis using Moz on the website linked from the medium and on the linking page itself and took into account the ranking factors of each site.

We then doubled this process by running press releases that only stated we are looking for journalist and writers. Our goal was not to get the press release published but to gain contacts from writers that fit what we are doing.

We then interviewed this group of people. This was the freelancers and the journalist and found out how to create content that would improve our approval ratings from their mediums.

We found out exactly what type of content each journalist, freelancer, and site wanted and what categories they published in.

This resulted in some Thought Leadership Findings for our business in the process in which we create content and how we research content for our clients.

We then expanded our search for journalist, writers, and freelancers by doing more press releases and job postings. We ran classified ads in newspapers while emailing various authors that had posted previously.

We struck GOLD.

We found a simple process in which to:

  • Perform Research
  • Analyze Research
  • Construct Mini-maps (bullet list) of content to pitch
  • Gain Acceptance from Medium Influencers
  • Design and Publish Content
  • Amplify that content to our “list”
  • Get Tons of postings, links, and articles
  • Repeat this process with every client

We performed this process because we realized that Google was penalizing sites right and left for “shady” link practices.

We knew if we found the right formula and processes we could stand out in an amazing way.

This is a relationship business just like most are. We gained a trust and kinship with the influencers in the market place in which we needed. We also in turn are able to help them by providing extraordinary content that they barely have to edit in order to meet their writing goals and deadlines.

This process although it is time consuming isn’t really that hard to do. Focus on each person as a person and talk to them. Find out their needs and figure out how you can help them.

One link from a major source can skyrocket your rankings. Make sure you don’t think small. Email the big ones too.

We repeat this process monthly and steady gain more and more sites that we have outreach to. Sometimes not significant and sometimes we are amazed at who calls in.


When you start a service business you have to build everything from the delivery forward. This insures that sales are easy to come by and that you can deliver the product every time and get better at:

  • What you deliver
  • The speed in which you deliver it
  • The results gained from the deliverable
  • The process in house it takes to deliver it

This is simple in logic. For some reason as humans we don’t like doing repeatable processes. We like to think and try new things.

This is how we grow and repeat at the same time:

  • Create a process and measure the results
  • Try to increase the speed in which you can get to the end (measure it with Habit RPG App)
  • Have in office Contest between two people and their scores on Habit RPG
  • Track Everything via a proven system that has each bullet listed task all laid out

Then we add in:

  • Test subject (our own site)
  • What do you want to try that is different? Explain and create bulleted list
  • Perform the process
  • Measure the results
  • Repeat until speed is obtained – now add to service and let’s compete again

Although this process sounds and looks simple. The Habit RPG app is addictive, just look at Clash of Clans. When you can gain and level up it gives you the hooks needed for the mental Psyche to perform and want to perform.


Wonder why teenagers are addicted to video games?

They are constantly leveling up and competing with one another and other people online. They get small bonuses (rewards) for just continuing to devote time to their quest.

Their Quest?

That’s right. Their quest is to improve. Small rank increases, better weapons, and social pressure like acceptance and social praise all lead to a determined teenager and their gaming.

Create the same culture in your office using a simple app, some excel spreadsheets for scoring, and some simple rules.

Not only is it fun and lighthearted but it is a great tracking method to improve the habits your people have. This is the number one reason we are continuing to get better day in and day out.


The 10,000 hour theory had a big impact on our business. We read Malcolm’s book Outliers.

While the stories can make you feel like you can’t achieve anything without luck and timing. The thought leadership from his take on the research was great.

We felt like so much of the critical mass was understated in that particular book. (The Subjects that he talked about 10k hours)They gained social acceptance for their particular craft in a small niche group that developed their skill set.

They then had small test that crafted that skill set into a molded process that was proven. They gained confidence and even some small followers (remember the Bill Gates story and being hired to code as a senior in school).

This all lead them to have a belief and passion for what they were doing.

This wasn’t a study of 10,000 hours to us.

This was a study of how habits that are formed with the right triggers can create determination that will let someone put in a huge amount of time without realizing it until they are an expert. Then they gain expert status.

We rely on that same habit forming pattern, been around for centuries, in our business. That is why the Habit RPG game is so critical to our over performance we demand for every project.

The way in which we adhere to this standard is simple:

  1. We watch fizzle.co videos daily
  2. We read though leaders on various niches in our industry
  3. We listen to audiobooks on habits, thought leadership, sales, business startups, etc.
  4. We gather to talk through the various pieces we have all taken in and how the relate two times a week.

These various task are performed daily and first thing in the morning by all of our staff. Their first job is to take in a piece of new content or perfect an old one. They watch, listen, read, and take notes. Their goal for the rest of the day is to complete the task and look for ways in which to apply what they took in for that hour in the morning into the business.

Simple but effective. It doesn’t do anything big in the short run but listening to Anthony Robbins every morning for an hour has changed a lot of people’s lives.

We do this for the same reason. We know that the long term person that is sitting in that seat today will gradually increase their thinking, skills, and performance and become better and better with time. If we all do that, then our entire company is getting better and better.


I feel like there is a ton more I can share about our little boutique firm. We are very proud but humble of the successes we have had. We really overjoyed at you downloading this particular guide. We each feel it is a part of us that you are reading.

Our Strategy Is Really Simple but Highly Effective

  1. Do What You Say
  2. Double What You Have
  3. Always Put Others First

We really hope that this simple set of rules will really help your business grow as ours has. We understand that at first it may not seem like a “value” statement. We really like list though. We also like simple.

When we live out our lives, in business and our personal lives, trying to keep these values sacred it really does astonishing things for us. We hope you will give it a try.

We can’t wait to hear from you when you do.

If you find anything in this guide in which you have questions about then please feel free to contact us.

June 6, 2017

If You Want to Make More Money in the Stock Market, You Should Sell Puts

stock market

One way to generate additional income for your business is by selling put options. While there are some risks, and it requires more active participation, you can make some good money if done right. A put option gives you the right to sell a specific number of shares, of a stock, at a set price by a specified date. You’re basically betting against a stock or the market. The seller receives a good rate for agreeing to buy the shares if the owner decides to execute the put. This is a good form of insurance against a declining stock price. If the put is secured by cash, it can be less risky than owning the stock. Continue reading to learn some of the benefits.

Hedge your positions

Some critics say that the draw-downs of selling puts can be significant in the event of a major market downturn. Yet, you can avoid any draw-downs by simply hedging each position or your full put-sale portfolio. Of course, there is always a risk in any type of trading. That is why you should consistently hedge your portfolio with contemporary portfolio protection techniques.

What is a naked put?

A naked put is what a put is called when the investor does not own the shares against which the put has been sold. The maximum risk is the strike price the investor has sold minus the premium made by selling the naked put. When you sell naked puts, you should think about whether you want to own the stock at the strike level. In addition, you can buy back the naked put to remove your obligation to purchase the shares of the stock.

Use a margin account

With a margin account, you are able to sell puts without needing extra funding in the account. As a result, you can stay completely invested in the stock market in order to receive long-term stock market gains. Then, if you sell any puts–this is essentially icing on the cake called your investment portfolio. Yet, if the put option is executed, you can purchase them on margin with borrowed money–this is called leverage.

A similar example would be using a credit card. If you don’t want to lose out on any long-term market gains, then you can use leverage to sell put options. If the volatility is high, you can receive higher premiums or a better income. If volatility is low, you can find sections of high volatility in the market.

Consider the odds

Why would anyone want to sell puts? Well, you might not want to purchase a stock at the current price or market levels. You should also make sure that you do not anticipate a major price correction in the stock. When a price correction occurs, this can be a good buying opportunity.

If you implement an effective put writing strategy, you can outperform the market over time. Plus, you can always hedge during draw-downs. Moreover, you can use statistical analysis such as probability and expected return to ensure a winning plan.

Trading has its ups and downs. Yet, a well-researched put strategy can put you ahead of the market.


Stop Moving at a Snail’s Pace: Four Tips for Streamlining Your Business

Modern companies move fast.

This rings true from expansion to hiring and beyond: we’re expected to create companies that not only operate on a shoestring budget but also keep up with the demands of modern customers.

Because of this, efficiency is so much more than just a buzzword for today’s businesses. In fact, it’s often the swiftest, most streamlined companies that are able to remain competitive and thrive within their respective industries.

Consider the following four tips to keep your company moving at breakneck speed without hitting any snags along the way. Once you learn how to streamline even the most tedious aspects of your business, you’ll be well on your way to getting more done.

Document Everything

This may seem like a backward tip at a glance, but think about it. If you keep careful documentation of just about every aspect of your business, it becomes exponentially easier to make decisions based on hard proof versus simply guessing.

Whether you’re tracking payments and sales or complaints from customers, having a wealth of information at your fingertips ultimately ensures your business’ organization. For example, documentation is crucial to saving time for any businesses subject to corporate investigations. When you keep up with your internal documentation, the answers to any potential questions or legal snags are all right in front of you.

Clearly Define Your Team’s Roles

Many companies make the mistake of trying to have their employees juggle a bunch of different roles for the sake of “efficiency.” Unfortunately, this often results in certain team members taking on tasks which are beyond their area of expertise.

On the flip side, having clearly defined roles for your team ensures that your employees are doing work which highlights their strengths. Additionally, roles create a sense of individual accountability among your team. If there’s someone who isn’t pulling their weight or is often making mistakes, it’s much easier to detect when you know where specific responsibilities lie.

Run a Tight Ship

When in doubt, it pays to keep your budget tight versus bleeding yourself dry.

Avoiding financial waste, especially regarding marketing, should be a top priority of any business. There’s plenty of marketing snake oil out there which might be tempting; however, taking a data-driven approach to running your company will let you know whether or not a new marketing channel deserves your attention.

By sticking to the previously noted principle of documenting everything, you can justify spending but only when the math is right.

Eliminate Needless Meetings

This tip may go against conventional wisdom for some business owners, but the fact remains that meetings are often notorious for wasting the time of your team. Consider how frequent meetings can interrupt your team’s focus and ultimately result in a decrease in productivity. That’s not to say you can never hold a meeting, but rather think about the value of check-in emails and face-to-face chats every now and then versus hour-long “mastermind sessions” that mean nothing for your bottom line.

Don’t let your business fall behind if you can help it. Instead, do everything in your power to operate the swiftest business possible, focusing on productivity first and foremost.