Five Ways to Drive Brand Exposure and Get More Customers


If you’re in marketing, you know that a single touch with a customer or client isn’t enough. A person has to be exposed to a brand at least seven times before they actually notice you.

It’s a frustrating piece of marketing wisdom. It can make you feel like you’re doomed before you’ve even started your brand exposure campaign. How in the world can you even make sure someone sees your brand that many times?

A comprehensive and varied approach is needed. Here are five ways you can drive brand exposure, and eventually get more customers.

Get Your Email List Right

An email list is a great way to drive brand exposure. It’s a direct way you can communicate with customers and clients on a regular business and remind them that you exist. Unfortunately, you probably aren’t doing your email list right.

Is your email ending up in spam folders? Is tracking the results of your latest email campaign nearly impossible? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need a new email provider.

SocketLabs is a great choice. They prevent their messages from ending up in spam folders and make tracking metrics super easy. In addition, they provide a simple drag-and-drop email designer and proven templates that will ensure your emails look like a million bucks.

Redesign Your Logo and Packaging

If no one remembers your brand and its products, maybe that’s because there isn’t anything good for them to remember. If you really want customers and clients to sit up and take notice, you may need a logo redesign. Launching a new logo is also a fun excuse to host a special sale or an event, which will drive exposure.

Don’t forget about your packaging! Maybe your logo is up to par, but people aren’t interested in pulling your product down from the shelf because it’s so boring. Hire a professional designer if you could use a little help designing new packaging.

Take SEO Seriously

Don’t have enough money to redesign your logo or packaging? Fortunately, there are free things you can do to boost exposure too. One of the best is getting serious about SEO.

With the right SEO strategy, you can increase the chances of customers and clients seeing you online. And there are a ton of ways to do it that don’t cost a penny!

A few quick tips for boosting your online presence with SEO include:

  • Choosing a relevant keyword phrase for every piece of online content
  • Use keywords throughout metadata
  • Use quality links throughout your content
  • Make sure your website has a clear linking structure
  • Make sure your site and pages load within one to two seconds

Some strategies can be done quickly, while others may take a little bit of your time, but they all contribute to greater brand exposure on the cheap.

Work with Influencers

Social media is a big deal when it comes to brand exposure, but just having your own accounts on all the major platforms isn’t enough. Reach an even wider audience by working with influencers.

How does it work? You find influencers with large followings that would enjoy your product or service. You reach out to them and offer them a deal in exchange for promoting your brand on their account. You might have to pay them or provide them with freebies, but it’s a great way to get your brand noticed by new people that may otherwise never be exposed to your company.

Buy Some Online Advertisements

Unsurprisingly, online advertisements are a great way to increase brand exposure. There are tons of places you can place your advertisements, and some cost more than others.

You can always buy ads on Google and Facebook, but there are other places online that offer advertising space for less money, if your budget is a concern.

Some well-known, cheap advertising opportunities can be found on Reddit, Pinterest, and Snapchat (when you use geofilters). There are also less well-known places to buy cheap ads. Not only will they help you save money, you can also focus on yourtarget audience better because they are smaller advertisers.

Marketing isn’t all about making the sale. There are multiple steps in the sales funnel, and one of the first is getting people acquainted with your brand. By using these tips, you can ensure many people are exposed to your company, giving you the greatest opportunity to convert those people into loyal customers in the future.


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