The Top Skill Every Small Business Needs In Order to Thrive

Young artist drawing something on graphic tablet at the home office

Phone rings and you already know not to answer, it would be the 3rd bill collector to “Demand” being paid this week. The small odd jobs you pull are barely keeping the lights on in the house that is now for sale because of the recent turn of events.

You take a moment and think back just a year ago, you had everything going for you, Family, Finances, Faith, and Future were all doing great and you felt on top the world. Economic downturn followed by innovation from your main competition made a shift to where you looked up and no longer had a job.

What followed seemed like an onslaught of bad luck.

Crazy how fast everything happens and how fast it can go downhill. There are however a few professions that really can stand the test of time.

There are really only 3 main qualities of all of them though. The person that always ends up on top.

  1. Entrepreneur but smart and learns from everything.
  2. Sales and Marketing savvy.
  3. Plans extremely well and executes better.

There is however one skill that oversteps the boundaries of all of the other 3.

Writing, is one of the best skills you can possess. Bringing a story to life off the page and into the mind of the person that is reading it is extremely powerful.

Copywriting is the next level though. Being able to sell something no matter your location is the ultimate skill for anyone that wants to have complete security in their future. It is the most powerful of all skills especially as we continue to advance in the way we deliver and distribute information.

Before the internet age there was a certain void where the distribution of the written word was a large gaping hole if your strategy was to solicit business with the written word. You would have to pay or get accepted to a publishing house. Self publishing was an option but that brought a hole other set of problems as well.

Since the dawn of the internet you are able to start writing faster with more options for distribution to masses faster than ever. There are a ton of free or inexpensive resources to write and distribute content into the front and center eyeballs of 1,000’s of people in a matter of moments.

This means that if you can learn the fine art of copywriting and audience “growth and retention” then you are able to advance your own agenda forever and always.

Let’s face it. Your agenda is to sell something and make money.

If you can serve more people and solve their problems at this same time then you are going to grow and grow until your income is no longer a concern.

Notice the distinct difference in thinking though. You build the audience and create the product to solve their problem that they voice. You listen. You find out what they are wanting and deliver that.

When you can sell with the written word then you are always a valuable commodity. There are freelance opportunities even though that isn’t our focus at the moment but is always an attractive offer.

If you are a planning entrepreneur that plans and understands the sales and marketing we explained concerning growing your audience then you don’t even have to do the copywriting yourself. You actually can hire copywriting and execute the strategy we are talking about.

Understanding the operational advantages that are available for being able to sell with the written word is the power.

It changes your focus. You start to understand the scalability that your business can have if you can find a “product” that can be scaled along with the sales you build.

Focus on the buyer, not on what you do or your product at all. You should only look at the buyer or audience’s point of view. How many websites have you seen that tell you what they do. Normally you are not there long. When they tell you what you get from doing business with them, then you stay and linger looking for credibility indicators that they can deliver on what they are talking about.

Focus on the buyer and use the already proven written words that have worked for over 100 years of information distribution. You can use the already proven basic copywriting techniques to grow a basic audience. Just focus on copywriting and gaining credibility by focusing on the buyer.

The skill that the headline is talking about is the ability to convert.

All of the skills put together start to form the perfect storm for a business or person to gain sales through the written word. There are only a few pieces missing.

You focus on the buyer through the entire process. You test and gain data on every single interaction your buyer has with your written word. You learn from the majorities reaction how to change.

The smallest moments of interaction can change so much.  The color of the background. Pop up or no pop up. Asking in the middle of great article. Changing the button color. Small things start to tell you a story.

Looking at the information that your buyer wants and learning how to craft that into your companies “website” as your identifying Content How statement. You build a fortress slowly that can never be torn down by anyone else as long as you keep creating. Your competitors never see it coming, you crush them.




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