SEO Service Areas USA for Small Businesses


For small businesses, navigating the digital marketing space can seem overwhelming. There are numerous companies each promising to get you to position 1 on Google, in under a month for close to nothing prices. This is just false.

Never allow companies that promise you the world take you down the wrong path. In the SEO space, there is no magic formula to get you those top rankings. Previously, there were quick methods to increase rankings that were popular 4-6 years ago. The entire Internet marketing landscape is changing and Google’s algorithms are getting more advanced.

The whole intent of Google is to provide the most relevant content to its users. Its algorithms are searching for valuable content, unique content, accurate content, and social signals that point to a website that is share worthy.

Importance Of Local SEO Service Areas USA Strategies For Small Businesses

What many owners of small businesses do not realize is that there has been a recent change in SEO that affects businesses of their size dramatically. It is known as Local SEO. Local SEO refers to a specific service area. For instance, a dentist that wishes to improve the visibility of his business in Renton WA. Today, being visible online is just as having your business or practice listed in the Yellow Pages several decades ago. Local SEO ranking factors differ from those of standard SEO and are weighted differently.

Getting A Service Area Business To Rank

If you break down the discussion down further past regular SEO to Local SEO and into business types, it gets more complex. The following are some of the most important SEO Service Areas USA ranking factors.

1. External Local Signals

This specifically refers to references of your business online. It is known as a citation that contains ‘NAP’ information. NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone. Sometimes, it also includes W at the end for the website. The quality of your NAP or NAPW information across the web affects your business’s ability to rank locally.

In case your service area business does not have a physical location that it operates out of there are still strategies you can employ to be ranked.

First, you must never use virtual offices. Never try to fake Google by simply renting an address to use in your citation or use a P.O. Box as your place of business. Google can easily spot these and will definitely penalize you for this.

What you need to do is simply list your home address. It is quite natural that as a business owner you will be wary of doing this. You obviously do not want your personal information listed across the web. Well, there are ways around this. You have to choose between your privacy and having more clients.

When you are increasing your citations, it is key that no other businesses are listed at the same address. The reason is that Google is looking for unique business addresses as well as unique phone numbers.

If privacy is your main concern, you can decide to hide the address from public view in some citations. This way, the business still enjoys the benefits of Local SEO without having the owner’s home address plastered across the Internet.

2. Social Signals

For a service area business, the most important social signals are reviews. Create a system that makes it easy for your clients to review your business online. The key thing is to ensure that reviews trickle in every couple of weeks.

Search engines look at reviews that come in all at once negatively. They view it as someone trying to game the system. This is why you need to encourage your clients to leave reviews on their own devices and using their own computers with varying IP addresses. All these factors influence the legitimacy of the reviews.

3. Link Building

Link building involves many strategies but just requesting businesses that you work with already to reference your page on a partner page that links back to your website has tremendous benefits. It is also good to factor in other local organizations and businesses.

When doing link building, focus on local business websites, non-profits, churches, educational institutions to enjoy a massively positive impact on your local rankings and traffic.

If you combine all these pieces together in the correct way and at the right time you will create a positive impact that all local businesses are searching for. If you employ the Local SEO Service Areas USA strategies discussed in this article, you will surely enjoy better rankings.


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