Don’t Try Optimum Altice Netflix Without Reading This First

Don't Try Optimum Altice Netflix Without Reading This First

Finding a reliable internet service provider these days can be a challenge. Optimum Atlice is one service provider that has been attracting the attention of late. With Optimum Altice Netflix, HBO, Showtime, streaming, and voice communication is all available in one handy package.

Optimum Altice currently provides services under the Optimum and Suddenlink brands in the United States. Optimum Altice has 6.87 million fiber and cable television customers worldwide and a further 2.97 million via phone and satellite.

If you are looking for a reliable internet service provider, then I suggest digging into Optimum Altice and finding their best packages.Optimum Altice

Netflix Being Offered On Optimum’s Network

If you want to watch those Netflix 4k HD shows, then Optimum is your best choice. Netflix has excellent 4k HD shows available such as:

  1. 13 Reasons Why.
  2. 3%
  3. Alias Grace.
  4. American Vandal.
  5. Atypical.
  6. Better Call Saul.
  7. Bill Nye Saves the World.
  8. Black Mirror.

Streaming Services And Optimum Altice Plans Are Perfect Together

Regardless of the streaming service you want to use, you can focus on watching the content instead of connectivity issues. You can check out all of the latest shows and featured content on Netflix and other networks on multiple devices.

Optimum Altice One includes access to live TV and cloud recordings. They also offer restart, DVR in the cloud recordings, On Demand Video, and an assortment of apps. Apps include Youtube which just got kicked off the firestick along with Pandora. One of the coolest features is the advanced search across traditional television and online video. This is all centered around a brand new voice-activated remote.

This makes for a perfect plan for entrepreneurs and other business owners. Find related business shows without even having to do an in-depth search and channel scanning.

Net Neutrality Fears About Content Creation

Many entrepreneurs are, naturally, concerned about the issue of Net Neutrality. The Internet Society explains the long-term impact of traffic management and service blocking/throttling ( – some traffic shaping and congestion management are, often, a necessary evil when services are at peak capacity – however, the repeal of Network Neutrality puts consumers and business owners in an awkward position.

  • What would we do if an ISP decided to charge more for the favorite services we use in our leisure time?
  • How would our business cope if we were suddenly unable to run our webinars or upload our content because we were not on the “premium content creator plan“?

That’s a fear that many consumers are now struggling with – and it’s something that is a valid concern.

That’s why it’s worth looking at services such as Optimum. With Optimum Altice Netflix, HBO, Showtime, and Cloud DVR are included in the package for your leisure time on the Altice One package, and the high speeds and included phone service, tech support, and stability of the service are appealing for business owners.

Business Owners Can’t Afford Outages

Let’s face it – being unreachable as a business owner is never a good thing. If your phone service fails or you are unable to connect to your website to update it, process orders, etc., then that could be a death blow for the company.

Customers expect a high level of service, and if they are not getting that, then they will quickly turn to competitors. Having a fast internet connection, reliable throughput, and a steady line is an essential part of business continuity.

Business Continuity Depends On Planning And Great Service Providers

The BCI has a lot to say about business continuity, including advice for planning and policies. One thing that comes up frequently is having a relationship with service providers, clear SLAs, and a plan for what you would do if there were an outage.

Big companies will often have multiple redundant lines, so if one service fails, they can use others. For the most part, outages would be seamlessly handled. Smaller businesses cannot typically afford to be spending that same amount of money, so they will be more likely to want to invest in a provider that has robust monitoring, a focused attitude to customer service, and a willingness to work with their users to rectify any issues that might occur.

Affordable, high-speed internet services with sensible data policies and generous call allowances are hard to find. You use video to market your business. You have to have a steady provider in order to create the content and share it.

Optimum has a range of packages to suit different businesses, and several different price points, in addition to some consumer packages, which makes them a good option for a company that wants an ISP and a telephony provider that will grow with their business, and serve them well for many years.



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