Key Considerations When Selecting an Event Venue


If you are hosting a local event, there are many things to think about when booking a venue. If you are a member of a local trade union, you will get a good deal if you book their facility. Selecting the right venue is the most important part of the puzzle, if you get it wrong, your event could be a disaster. Your venue must be cost-effective, functional, and visually appealing. Follow the tips below to help you secure the best facility to host your upcoming event.

Type of Layout

If you are looking for a corporate event venue in Sutherland Shire or a venue to host a small business event, it is important to focus on your clientele to help you decide on the layout. Find out what type of venue the place offers, is it too small for your needs or is the facility too big for your requirements? The size of the venue depends on how many guests will be in attendance, even if all your guests turn up, it will feel empty if the venue is too large.

Accessible Location

Whether you are a small business trying to attract corporate sponsors or a large company running a private event, you will need to focus on finding a venue which is easy to access. If the venue is out of the way, you may find it difficult to attract guests. If you aren’t offering private pickup, guests may be reluctant to attend if the facility is difficult to access. Here are some other factors to consider when thinking about accessibility.

  • Parking
  • Communications
  • Adequately trained staff
  • Toilet facilities

Event Safety

If you are hosting an event, it is important to choose a facility which has the right safety measures in place. You have certain duties as an event manager that must be adhered to, if you don’t follow these rules and something goes wrong, you could get into trouble. Before you choose a building, make sure you visit the facility to assess its suitability. When you fully understand the concept of your event, you can then choose an arena to host it. The facility must be safe for people working there and any other guests in attendance.


If you are hosting a local event with local organisations, it is best to choose a place that is well-known in the community. If this isn’t an option and you need to go out the community, you’ll have to do a lot of research. Look at the venue’s website and search for review sites to help you decide.

There are many things to consider when choosing a venue for an event. If you know of a good local facility, it is best to go with that venue instead of taking chances on an unknown. Being a member of a local social club that has good event facilities is always a plus as you can get discounts on venue rental prices. If they have a good reputation, why not stay with a facility you can trust?


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