How to Use Videos to Market and Improve a Business

How to Use Videos to Market and Improve a Business

How to Use Videos to Market and Improve a Business

Most people know that videos are powerful marketing tools – but the question is: Do you know how powerful they truly are? With every passing day more and more people watching greater and greater amounts of videos online, and it has been proven to have the most potential in terms of engagement, return on investment, and conversions.

In short, your business cannot afford to ignore videos, because it is simply too powerful to ignore. However, if you want to utilize it, you need to know exactly how to use videos to market and improve your business.

Using Videos in Marketing

If you would like to use videos to market your business, there are several areas that you should look into:

  • Goals

Before you can narrow down ways in which you should use videos, you should first define your goals. Ask yourself one very simple but crucial question: What is it you want to achieve out of using videos in marketing?

To put that in context, videos can be used to generate traffic, increase brand exposure, build brand loyalty, promote specific products, improve on-page conversion rates, and much more. Ideally, every video you create should be designed to achieve a specific goal, so it helps to broadly define the scope of your video marketing goals beforehand.

  • Types of videos

Once you know your goals, you can then start to consider the types of videos that can help you to achieve those goals. Some types of videos such as demonstrations and testimonials are more suited towards promoting products or services, while others such as educational live webinars or behind-the-scenes peeks are better for thought leadership development and branding.

By that same token, there are some types of videos such as how-to guides, informative interviews, webinars, and other content that can help achieve a variety of different goals – depending on how they are structured.

  • Topics

Naturally, the topics of your videos will be important as well. For some types of videos (i.e. demonstrations) the topic may be self-explanatory, but for most, you will have to find topics that are likely to interest your audience and attract their attention.

Needless to say, having an in-depth knowledge of your target market can help in that regard, as can any research into their interests, common issues, and so on. It may help to look into your competitors and see the types of topics that they’re producing and what the audience responds to, as that could give you some ideas.

By considering these areas you should be able to start to use videos to market your business effectively. To improve on it further you may want to optimize how videos fit into your marketing strategy as a whole and track the performance of every video so that you can analyze and improve upon them over time.

Other Ways to Improve a Business with Videos

Although videos are most often used in marketing, they can help to improve a business in several other ways as well. While there is really no limit to the various ways in which you could use videos to improve parts of your business, some of the areas where they are most effective are:

  • Staff training

Videos can be an excellent way to train your staff internally. By creating what is essentially a series of ‘how to’ videos about the various processes in your business, you can create an invaluable resource that can help to provide staff with the training they need and act as a point of reference as well.

  • Customer support

While technically this could be thought of as a type of marketing due to its overlap with building brand loyalty, using videos for customer support extends beyond that. When you create and use videos to provide customer support and answer questions or problems customers are facing it can act as a knowledge base resource to provide future support.

  • Reports and Internal Presentations

Due to the effectiveness of videos at conveying information, they can have several benefits when used in reports and internal presentations for your business. Naturally, not all reports require the use of video, but in some cases, it can be helpful as a method of illustrating data or providing examples. On the other hand, videos are very innately suited to presentations and can help deliver information in a more interesting and accurate manner.

As you can see there are a number of ways videos can be used to market your business, as well as improve it on other fronts. While it may seem like a lot to take in at once, just remember that you don’t necessarily need to use videos in all of the ways outlined above – but should pick the ones that you feel would be most effective for your business.

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