How to Use Colors to Attract More Website Traffic

How to Use Colors to Attract More Website Traffic

If you’re serious about getting more traffic to your website, you really must consider using professional SEO services to make sure that you get good rankings in Google. But making your website visible is one thing. It’s another thing to entice people to look around your site and form the right impression of your brand. And for that, you need the right colors.

It’s no secret among manufacturers and designers that most people factor in the color of the products they buy. It works much the same way in website design. With the right colors, you can create the proper first impression with your website visitors. The colors you pick must be appropriate and match the products you sell and the clientele you’re selling to.

Here are some tips to help you out:

Use Blue if Your Priority is to Foster Trust

It’s no coincidence that many of the websites for banks use the color blue quite heavily.  It’s not just an attractive color for many people, but it engenders trust and serenity. It’s the major color for Facebook and for PayPal too. Both these sites wish to create a reputation for trustworthiness, and the blue color reinforces that.

It’s not a good color for food websites, however. In nature, very few food items are naturally blue aside from plums and blueberries. Blue plates have even been used successfully to curb dieters’ appetites.  

For Male Web Visitors, Go with Black, Blue, and Green

The traditional colors for masculinity are green, blue, and black. In various surveys and studies, men pick out these 3 colors as among their favorites. Curiously, in these studies, brown isn’t actually as popular for men as previously thought. In fact, it’s often picked among the least favorite.

What you don’t want to use aside from brown are the colors orange and purple. Those 2 colors are simply too flashy for most men.  

What about Women Website Visitors?

If your site mainly has a female audience, you should use blue, purple, and green. Those three colors top out surveys as the favorite colors of most women. The least favorite colors for the ladies are brown and orange (they tied for last place) along with gray.

So it seems like women prefer primary colors with tints, while they show distaste for rather earthy tones. But what about pink? Surprisingly, comparatively few women pick pink as their favorite color.

Green Represents the Environment

Green and the environment is one of the most obvious color associations right now, but we need to mention it to be sure you are aware of it. If your website is about eco-friendliness or even just about the outdoors, green is a great color to immediate signal to people what you’re all about.

But you may not know that this is also an effective color to use for your call to action web page or section. Use this color for your call to action while the rest of the page or website uses a different color, and it will certainly stand out.

Orange is for Fun

While it’s true that men don’t really like the color orange, it’s a great color for children’s items. It’s a color that no one uses for serious products, but for toys and children’s shirts it’s quite suitable.

It’s also a nice color for sports items. It tends to build confidence and encourage physical activity.

Finally, it’s not a color used for expensive items. But if you want to create an impression of affordability, then it’s the right color to use.

Just don’t use too much of it, though. Use it sparing to get the attention of your visitors, but too much of it can be overwhelming.

Of course, you still need to test these colors on your site to find the right color combinations to use. But these findings simply emphasize the fact that your favorite colors are less important than the colors that your buyers prefer!


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