How to Attract an International Audience to Your Business’s Blog

How to Attract an International Audience to Your Business's Blog

As a business leader, you know how important it is to actively maintain your blog, so you’re always getting new leads and keeping the ones you have interested. Throughout your years of running your business, you’ve learned a lot — from what the best online logo design options are to mastering SEO strategies so potential customers can find your website before your competitors’. But lately, you’ve been thinking of expanding your blog to an international audience. After all, the world we live in is getting more global by the day, especially with the advent of cryptocurrency and so many teams going remote.


Even though you’ve mastered your blog posts so far, you aren’t entirely sure about what steps to take to go international. Luckily, there are some useful tactics you can employ:


1 Research your customer base–again


As of now, you’ve been great at coming up with customer personas for your not only your regular customers but also for the ones you want to attract. You know all about their average age, marital status, hobbies they enjoy related to your products and services, and what social media platforms they spend most of their time on. But as you make your business blog more international, you need to consider several from things, for example, what websites they’re usually visiting (e.g., on their phones, and with which color palette combinations), and what keywords they’re likely to use.


65 percent of companies that exceed lead and revenue goals have updated personas within the last six months, so when it comes to an international audience that’s new, this is even more important. Start up your surveys again, use customer analytics programs, and, if you can visit the countries you’re interested in.


2 Make your business accessible


You also have to remember that not all countries have the same access as the US when it comes to certain websites. For example, in China, Facebook is banned, even though this social media platform had 2.2 billion monthly active users in late 2017. So if you’re looking to attract a large Asian market, and most of your social media activities happen on Facebook, it’s time to change that up. Instead, use one of these Chinese social media alternatives to Facebook.


Additionally, consider whether your contact information works internationally. For example, is your number only American? If so, international callers may have to pay high fees to call you. Consider getting a European number–as of 2018, all countries in the EU can call other countries in the EU at no extra charge–and also make it possible for customers to contact you over WhatsApp and via email. If you have trouble staying on top of everything, invest in AI-powered chatbots to answer most customer questions.


3 Be culturally and linguistically aware


One of the best ways to go international with your business blog is by translating your English language posts to the official languages of the countries you want your business to be successful in. According to Suzanne Sacca, a former content manager and implementer, the cheapest and most efficient way to do this is by using the Weglot Translation plugin, which: “automatically creates the international drop-down option at the top of your site, letting visitors know where to access the translated version. It’s SEO compatible. It provides translations into more than 60 languages. And you can also use the premium service if you want to procure personalized translations from Weglot. Another great premium option is WPML, which offers a similar service.”


Additionally, don’t forget to culturally translate. For example, if your business is a weight loss service sending out tips to clients via email, and many of your blog posts contain recipes, then you need to use the correct measurements and temperatures–not to mention, ingredients that they can actually buy at their local store! There are also faux-pas to watch out for, and culturally sensitive topics, so if you can, have a local review your blog posts before you post them. You can also hire a lawyer like Aaron Kelly to make sure you don’t post anything that can get you in legal trouble, or set up a remote team in the countries where you want to expand.


By using these strategies, you’ll reach out to a greater number of people than ever before–and your business blog will be admired not only in the US but all over the world.


What do you find most challenging about working to take your business’s blog international? Share your feedback in the comments.


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