Business Shipping And Receiving Must Do’s (2018 Edition)


Are you already stressed because of the increasing costs of operations of the business? Let’s break the bubble, it is only going to increase if you don’t deploy smart and effective strategies on every step of the manufacturing process. The process of business shipping and receiving tends to cost the highest because a series of steps are involved and an external company charges a lump sum amount as well. Can you reduce the cost using carefully designed streamlined processes? Of course, you can!

Shipment of products from the company and receiving of inbound inventory needs a clear and defined set of rules and processes to follow to ensure that the cost is minimized and the quality isn’t being compromised. Without having stringent and pro-actively formulated rules in place, the cost will only alleviate and the bottom-line of the organization will suffer majorly. A lot of companies are present in the market providing business shipping and receiving facilities but to ensure proficiency, what are the tips that you can follow that will allow you to ship and receive in the lowest price possible without settling on lesser quality? There are a number of workable do’s which you can deploy to ensure that you are shipping the product as stated, ensuring the highest quality and cross-checking the received item to see if the inventory item received is in the top-notch quality as well. SimplyThick Nectar can help you enjoy any drink that you find enjoyable with the best quality it can give you.


  • Automate The Delivery And Receiving Processes

2018 is the age of automation and everything in this world is becoming or is planning to become digitalized. Automation allows less time to be spent on the order. Business shipping and receiving is a crucial step in the purchase process. Once the order is shipped or received, it is then moved on to the post-sale department or quality assurance department in case of receiving the product. Fostering healthy and friendly relationships with the suppliers and sustaining complete control over the shipment and receiving process are important elements in the success of any business. If you stay true to your words and fulfill your promises, you will likely develop a strong and rewarding relationship with your suppliers.

  • Vigilant Inspection Process

Shipping a product or receiving inventory items, both require a stringent and thoroughly sketched out inspection process. This is extremely critical because in both the cases, shipping as well as receiving, the end customer suffers and destroy the customer base. If a customer bad mouth about a company’s product, it is likely to abandon at least 10 potential customers. If the product is not carefully examined while shipping, ensuring that the quality is up to the mark, the packaging is done perfectly, the box takes less space and the product is exactly as asked, the customer will likely return the product and never come again. Similarly, if the product quality, the quantity, the durability and the price of the inventory item received is not checked at the time of receiving, it will cost you a lot in the long-run when the product will be manufactured using the low-quality materials.

  • Use Of Bar Code Scanners At The Business Shipping And Receiving Dock

A lot of costs is incurred and the process flow is disturbed because of mismanagement and information being lost. Placing barcode scanners or RFID scanners at the shipping and receiving dock can help identify the information in a couple of seconds. This allows to completely automate the process and remove all the potential human-generated errors. This way, an automatic count can also be kept of all the items that are shipped as well as the items that are received. That will allow keeping a check and balance on the customer demands and manufacture goods accordingly.

  • Ensure Quality

The key aspect of developing a winning product is to deploy the highest quality raw material in the manufacturing process. Whether a product has passed all stages of manufacturing and is ready to be shipped or whether a container is received upon which external quality checked has already been performed, to give your customers the best experience it is vital to ensure quality yourself as well at every step even at the time of shipping or receiving. Business shipping and receiving are not as easy as it looks but a whole streamlined process is present to help the customer get the product in the best quality possible. Ensure that you hire trust worthy employees, not ones who are doing drugs have a last chance program and send them to St Louis addiction counseling or another rehab for help. 

  • Document Everything

Even if your system is automated, it is very important to document everything so that a record is maintained and nothing goes out of sight. If you are shipping a product, it is wise to keep a record of it in the system. It allows for any claims later or to even calculate annual sales and profits at the end of the year. Similarly, it is equally important to keep a check on the items received and document everything so that no rigged payments are claimed and made.

  • Use The Right Technology To Locate Your Items

To improve your overall business shipping and receiving processes, it is important to be able to locate the items. Whether it is the item being shipped or the inventory being received, locating the product can help you plan accordingly. Tracking your shipping can help you keep your customers informed about the estimated time of delivery. Similarly, tracking your receiving can also help you manage your current inventory to meet the customer demands.

  • Foster Communication With The Supplier

Maintain a friendly and healthy environment with the shipping company as well as the inventory item suppliers to ensure all processes are fast, quick and are hassle-free. Quick shipping and quick receiving is very important because the former will develop your relationship with the customer and the latter will let you know if you require more inventory items. While emailing someone is quite convenient and quick, one to one correspondence diminishes the potential drawback of misinterpretation and miscommunication.

  • Criteria For Signing Off

After every stated inspection and damage check has been done during the business shipping and receiving process, the next step is to finally sign off the receipt to serve as the final stamp. As simple as it sounds, signing off is a huge responsibility and access of which should only be granted to few individuals who are experienced in the field and responsible. Furthermore, it is always wise to develop and encourage a system where multiple signatures are required. This reduces the chances of errors and fosters a comprehensive review process.

  • Usage Of Electronic Data Interchange

Commonly known as EDI, this is the perfect solution for people who can’t seem to manage bundles of papers and maintain paperwork. EDI is a technique already deployed by a number of transporters all across the world that replaces paperwork with efficient digital data. The correct usage of EDI not only makes the entire shipping and receiving process quicker, easier and reliable, it is a lot more convenient that carrying around large piles of papers. Needless to say, it is very cost-efficient as well. It also helps businesses minimize errors and enhance their productivity levels.

To ensure that the business capitalizes on the best business shipping and receiving methods, these tips must be followed.


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