Artisans and Workshops Who Sell Through E-Commerce – Read This


So you’re running a budding craft shop with big plans for the future. And a part of them may be scaling your brand and ramping up production to sell more of your crafted goods.

An e-commerce store becomes inevitable if you want to dramatically expand your market reach. Maybe you already got that part covered. Great!

With Great Scale Comes Great Responsibility

As your growing store scales online, you get flooded with more and more incoming orders. That certainly isn’t a bad thing.

What’s bad about it is the demands of efficiently managing your operation also scale. And if you’re still using spreadsheets and pen-and-paper to do it, you’re asking for trouble.

The more orders and stock come in – the greater the responsibility of staying organized and keeping a cool head.

If you are still doing things the old way, you risk ending up with frazzled nerves and many disasters. Over and under-stocking, missed order deadlines…they’re the fears that keep every shop owner up at night.

Your customers are impatient. If you tell them you ran out of stock, more often than not they will run off to the next vendor that has it.

That’s why having some management system in place is crucial. And today, there isn’t a shortage of inventory management systems available on the market.

But here are a few picks to make your choice a bit easier.



Katana is a smart workshop software that allows small manufacturers like you to run their entire operation from one visual, easy-to-use dashboard. Inventory, production and purchasing – all are fully automatized for you.

It is specifically designed for the craftsman and craftswoman who turn to e-commerce to sell their creations. Basically it serves as a Shopify order management system that also works with other popular platforms. It makes the integration with your chosen e-commerce platform flawless – every single order gets perfectly synced with your store.

They have a free trial if you want to give them a try.



nChannel serves those small manufacturers who prefer to diversify their e-commerce efforts through multiple channels.

As a cloud-based multichannel inventory management software, it connects your sales and orders fulfilment across all the platforms you sell your goods through.

Your inventory levels are updated in real-time as new orders come in through all your channels. This way you avoid the risk of overselling and you create a better customer experience overall.

If you aim to successfully sell your crafts across multiple platforms, nChannel is probably the best choice.



The last pick on our list is another e-commerce software that tends to be more marketing-oriented than the other options.

It’s a software suite packed with products for different purposes. There’s one for inventory management, one for using social media with your e-commerce efforts, one for product & channel intelligence etc.

ChannelAdvisor is mainly for businesses who want to get their products all over the Internet – and market them with minimal effort.

There’s a demo option to give this e-commerce suite a test run.


A comprehensive inventory management system is a must for any crafts shop serious about scaling big. Leave those spreadsheets behind and get a system to do everything for you, so you can focus on what matters – perfecting your craft and selling the fruits of your labors.



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