Are You Struggling With Your Social Media Strategy? 4 Tips for a Better Social ROI


Let’s be real: social media is rarely the goldmine that marketers make it out to be.

While there might be the occasional success story of someone who created a full-blown six-figure from Facebook, such tales are few and far between.

That said, many struggling marketers are left disappointed when it comes to finding an ROI from social media.

However, perhaps it’s time to stop equating a positive ROI to dollars and cents.

There are plenty of ways to encourage business through social media through the likes of customer care, content marketing and building relationship with potential clients and customers.

But doing so requires a strategy and some very specific steps as part of your overall social strategy.

Consider the following quick tips to help you score that elusive ROI and help you see the sort of results from social that you so desperately seek.

Don’t Ignore the Elements of Design

If your social media profiles look like amateur hour, people are going to treat it as such.

For example, consider the top five logo blunders on social media including poor resolution and lack of readability which could make your business look totally unprofessional. These mistakes are much more common than you might think.

Attracting followers means not only having a complete profile, but also ensuring that your company “looks the part” from a design perspective.

Optimized images. Eye-popping photos. Professionally vetted designs and color schemes. These are the elements that deserve your attention before you even think about content strategy.

Experiment with Different Types of Content

But on a related note, many marketers make the mistake of posting the same links over and over while expecting results.

Spoiler art: links are among the lowest-performing social content out there.

Marketers need to take the time to post both video and imagery, each of which result in exponentially more likes and shares than text-based posts. The good news is that you can probably repurpose your existing content in the form of infographics, stylized photos or off-the-cuff smartphone vlogs in a matter of minutes.

In other words, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to create content that’s prime for social. It might take some tweaking, but any given business can make it happen.

Focus on the Social Networks That Matter

Simply put, there’s no reason for small businesses to try and dominate every single social site. Having a presence on just one or two is often enough of a starting point for any given brand, and even then it really depends on your priorities.

For example, brick and mortar businesses are likely going to rely heavily on Facebook and Instagram for customer photos and service. Meanwhile, freelancers and solopreneurs might rely on Twitter and LinkedIn to get in touch with clients. Either way, trying to do too much at one is a recipe for disaster.

Optimize the Timing of Your Content

What’s the point of posting to social if nobody’s going to see your content?

The optimal times to post on social media vary from network to network, but Mondays through Thursdays during the mornings and late afternoons are often the high-points for activity.

These data points can help clue you in on when to be active (versus spending all day on social) and likewise whether or not it’s time to invest in a dedicated social scheduling tool to help you out.

Social media isn’t somewhere you can generate business randomly: you need a strategy if you want results. No matter what business or social channel you’re trying to tackle, any combination of these tips are fair game to put you on the path toward a positive ROI.


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