Why Go To A Rave?


Raves are often extravagant, powerful events that celebrate a certain theme of music and give people the chance to chill out with their friends. Often they’ll last long into the night and leave you with a buzzing feeling the whole way home. They can be a great way to shut out the outside world and retreat into a bubble of bright lights, loud music, and good company. These are in themselves reasons why you might go to a rave, but there are some others you should know about. 


Raves are frequently a novel experience, even if you’re a seasoned raver. This is because there are always more venues, more songs, more people, and more fun to be had. No two raves will ever be the same. Sometimes a talented DJ will even play live remixes of some of the top hits of the season, giving a special twist to make them even more suitable for the dancefloor. Some larger raves also occur rarely, such as annually or every few months. This makes them seem fresh and new every time you go to them, and keeps people coming back time and again. 


We hinted at this in the introductory paragraph, but if you’re looking for a reason to get away from it all and do something different, raves are often what’s chosen. They are very unlike everyday life, which is often boring and dull for a lot of people. The adrenalin and excitement ramp up your joy and sense of fulfillment whilst you’re at a rave and can leave you with a positive mood ready for whatever life throws at you when you go back into it. Raves are also more sociable and intense than watching a film or going out for a meal. 


Music in itself has been shown to reduce the levels of stress we are feeling. It soothes our minds, calms our bodies, and is good for encouraging the release of certain hormones. Often when you go to raves, you’ll meet people who are musicians, and just go for the experience of live music. Young people with a lot of studying to do use raves as a method of relaxation, and it’s partly the music that is responsible for this. 


With so many people in a single place, you are bound to make some new friends. After all, you’ll both have the commonality of being in the same place at the same time. It’s easy to strike up a conversation about a song, the venue, or an artist that’s currently playing on stage. 


There you have it. Several powerful reasons for going to a rave. You might have known about some of these reasons already, but we’re sure at least a few would have been completely new to you. If you’d like to attend a rave anytime shortly, then it’s worth visiting the iHeartRaves website to find out more. They will show you what you need to know.


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