Top 5 Tips For Asking For A Pay Raise

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While it can certainly feel intimidating or awkward to ask for a raise, if you feel that you are not getting paid what your work is worth, then the time has come to ask your boss for one.

How to negotiate your salary properly in general is something that you should definitely learn how to do, because surprisingly few other people know how to and the result is they miss out on numerous opportunities for a potential pay increase. The same doesn’t have to happen to you, so here are the top five tips for asking for a raise:

1. Conduct Plenty Of Research

The only way to know how much your job is worth is to research it. Therefore, you will want to research averages on how much people are being paid in your line of work both in your state and nationally. You need to prove to your boss that you want more than just more money. You need to prove to them that they are underpaying you relative to what other people in your same profession and experience level are earning.

2. List Out Your Accomplishments

Your argument that you need a pay raise will always be more compelling if you have a complete list of accomplishments that showcases just how valuable you are to the company or business you work at. You will also need to write down or explain to your boss how each of those accomplishments benefited the company as well.

3. Pick The Right Time To Ask For The Raise

Be patient and ask for the raise at the right time. Not only do you want to wait for when you are fully prepared, but you also want to wait for when things are looking good for the company too. Asking for a raise when the company has recently had a large drop in sales or has had to lay off a large number of employees are two examples of times when you should definitely not ask for a pay increase.

4. Don’t Complain

One trap that you definitely don’t want to fall into when it comes to asking for a raise is coming across as complaining rather than requesting. There are certain things that you will not want to say to your boss, such as “Bill got a raise last week, so I want one too” or “I’ve worked for this company for five years and I don’t have a raise yet.”

5. Be Ready For Your Boss To Say No

Don’t go to your boss expecting them to automatically agree with you and give you exactly the raise you want. If they decline your request, politely ask them their reasons why or what you can do to earn an increase in salary. A more likely outcome is that your boss may agree to a raise, but not quite to the same figure that you are requesting,

Asking For A Pay Raise

One last thing to keep in mind is that the tips you have learned in this article won’t just come in handy for asking for a pay raise at your current job, they will also prove their worth to you for first negotiating your salary with a new job as well.


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