Society Awards: Luxury Awards Leader


Society Awards That Are Specialized And Specific

David Moritz, the founder and CEO of Society Awards, founded the company in order to make sure that the awards are compared with high end jewelry – Sexy, Beautiful, and Mysterious. He believed those elements were absent within the design awards industry prior to Society Awards being established.

The company Society Awards does not give awards. The company produces well-known recognition awards and articles. David Moritz, who is from Grove, Oklahoma, is currently chairman of New York City’s nightlife and launched the company in 2007. The company has experienced steady growth from its inception. Society Awards is among the fastest growing companies in the United States and has been recognized by the Inc. Magazine 500/5000 list as one of the fastest growing companies five times. The design and marketing industries have both recognized this company for its excellent business practices. Not only is the company the best but it is also the busiest manufacturer and designer of luxury brand art products and award items.

Some of the major award brands that receive their recognition products manufactured and designed by Society Awards include the International Center of Photography, Golden Trailer Awards, Dancing with the Stars, SPIKE, BET Networks, American Film Institute, TV land, Nielsen, Armani Exchange, Academy of Country Music Awards, SXSW, People’s Choice, MTV, and many other prestigious awards. For the manufacture and design of trophies, Society Awards has emerged as the company that Hollywood relies on. They have been able to overtaken their competitors including Tiffany and Co. and Crown Awards by miles. They are renowned for their excellence in service, superior design and providing each customer with value.

David Mortiz, who founded Society Awards, was still in school when he was running a successful events management company. David graduated from New York University cum laude in American and British History. Later he went to the Cardazo School of Law where he studied law. While studying law, he founded and ran a New York City bar lounge the he sold later on. He earned his law degree but opted for an entrepreneurial career instead. He looked through the market to search for a well-suited industry and realize there was a real need for an innovative design and manufacturer company serving the awards industry and that was how Society Awards got its start.

David Mortiz was successful with his enterprise due to the fact that he emphasized keen attention on the smallest details, creative designing, and business excellence. He also founded Viceroy design, a design firm, to add brand strategy and innovation to Society Awards. Viceroy Design Company focused on package design and major companies like Playboy, Pepsi and Colgate soon became their customers.

David Moritz went back to Grove, Oklahoma, his home town, and started a facility for manufacturing and distributing the Society Awards products. The facility manufactures a lot of company’s products and the facility is run using 100 percent solar energy.

The newest innovation from Society Award is deal toy. The product deal toys are a type of award that is given to business persons or financiers who have closed complex deals within the business and financial world. After Society Awards took the entertainment awards industry over, it is posed to become the deal toy industry leader. Those toy will become a symbol of prosperity in the USA very soon.

Society Awards‘ manufacturing and design expertise is showcased by its impressive client list. The statuette’s of both the Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards are manufactured and designed by Society Awards. Also, they have custom designed awards for a number of talent and game sows on television. Society Awards, in addition to the entertainment industry, has a broad range of corporate clients which include the Wall Street Journal and Mont Blanc.


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