How ToShip Dual-Use Technologies Across Borders


Dual-use goods are materials that can be used for both peaceful, civilian purposes, and as weapons andfor military purposes. They can be individual parts or entire complex systems and are often technological in nature. Governments control the exporting and importing of these materials to prevent the development of illegal weapons or weapons of mass destruction and to enhance international peace and security measures. In the EU, there may be additional rules regarding unlisted dual-use items in special cases where public security or human rights considerations come into play. Many parties along the supply chain are at risk of possible penalties andsanctions when moving dual-use items without the proper permissions and paperwork.

Though IT equipment is more commonplace in our modern world, there are still tight regulations placed on all radiation-emitting devices and dual-use technology and parts. This has the potential to cause lengthy hold-ups when shipments cross borders, and customs compliance is always complicated. On top of this, every nation has their own licenses, permits, fees, and other documentation required to import these types of shipments. Cloud service providers, data centers, and network security providers require this equipment in a timely manner to satisfy the demands of small businesses to corporations to foreign governments. From their customer perspective, something as ‘simple’ as their goods getting stuck at the border can very well cause them to take their business elsewhere.

Technology manufacturers, distributors, resellers, and others put much time and money into attempting to comply with the rules of foreign territories such as China and Russia. It’s hard to stay competitive and current with ever-changing customs laws on controlled goods. It is therefore a necessity to seek the expertise of importer of record services to grow one’s business internationally. This legal entity can act as the local consignee that takes on legal and financial importing risks. Working with an IOR like TecEx that specializes in moving controlled and dual-use technologies to 180 countries around the globe is a guaranteed way to safely move goods to virtually any destination. This access will not only streamline shipping to existing clients in tricky countries but can go a long way in opening up the ability to bid on new ones.Their hands-on, door-to-door service is trusted by major players and smaller businesses who are now able to access clients thought impossible beforehand.

An Importer of Record who can also act as a tax recovery specialist is another invaluable component to partnering with experts. In addition to specializing in importing IT equipment, TecEx are experts in fetching refunds on indirect taxes like import VAT, custom taxes, co-location taxes, and any taxes on purchases made locally. These savings can be passed down to customers and the cost of DDP deliveries are lessened.

Ship difficult, dual-use goods, and other controlled technologies, and access any desired foreign market in the world,with ease by relying on an Importer of Record. TecEx’s impressive reach around the world essentially hands businesses a global shipping passport. Increase customer retention and pass savings down the line by recovering taxes as part of streamlining the process.


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