How To Make Sure Your Event Is Secure


Are you planning on hosting an event with multiple guests that you don’t know at a personal level? Are they all-important to your business or mission, but coming from across the globe and unable to shake hands with you or your team before the event?

There are many ways to validate guests, such as requiring a key to enter a facility or personally greeting each guest. Another way to ensure that it is secure is to enforce the use of ID cards, and a few of the following techniques can help you size the right ID solutions to your next event.


ID Card Basics And Advantage

The basic concept behind using ID cards is simple; match a face and a name and you can filter out most troublemakers from the event. There are always a few ways around the ID system, but such issues can be mitigated as you design your ID card. All you really need is a new ID card ribbon printing machine and little bit of know-how, and you can ensure total security at your event.

Your main concern is getting a baseline ID card system in place; this means having a specific format for your ID card that is familiar to staff and can be memorized by security personnel. This filters all but the most enterprising fake ID designers, and if you change your ID card format for each event, there’s even less of a chance that fake IDs can be made in time to exploit the event. If you’re hosting an event here in Canada, there are a lot of tech-savvy criminals who can get copies of your previous card formats for a convincing knockoff, so a yearly change can be a good security boost.

Visibility Management

ID cards need to be visible for basic security to succeed, which means ensuring a level of understanding between security personnel and your guests. Although security professionals are seen as having most of the responsibility when it comes to checking IDs and verifying guests, your guests need to make sure that their ID and relevant information are available. This cuts down on security risks and makes the security process a lot smoother, more efficient, and pleasant for everyone around.

Personality conflicts are bound to happen, so try to make everyone understand that the ID policy applies from the top of the event leadership to the newest and most junior members of a business or organization attending the event. There are few things more frustrating than a guest who thinks that they shouldn’t have to show their ID because of their regular attendance or assumed importance, and you can help make such ego challenges a non-issue by requiring the ID process of everyone.

To make visibility easier, consider issuing lanyards with ID cards. For active events such as walks or marathons in the summer, using armbands or other cardholders that can be attached fairly securely without dangling or slapping the wearer can be helpful.

If you’re hosting an event here in Canada this summer, get in contact with a physical security and ID management professional to discuss other ways to keep your event secure and well-organized.


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