Hire Better With These Sales Testing Techniques


If you’ve ever managed a sales team, you understand the difficulties that arise when a strong employee gives their notice. While there are many eager sales applicants hunting for job openings, very few of them will last through the year or even quarter should they be hired. Finding success in sales is challenging because the work is not only professionally but emotionally demanding; employees need to have the right personality for it, and it’s sometimes hard for hiring committees to know right away if they possess it. Managers need better techniques at their disposal if they’re to find the right candidates; read on below for some tips to help you get started.

Create A Benchmark Profile For Each Position

No two sales positions are the same; just as each product or service you’re selling must be treated with a unique approach, so should each job. If you’re looking for an employee to close deals for example, their strengths might be very different from someone doing prospecting. Rather than hiring in generalities, consider not only what skills an applicant boasts but what motivational style, level of sociability, and emotional stamina each specific position demands of them.

Focus Less On Sales Skills And More On Sales Potential

What many hiring managers tend to forget is that sales skills can be taught, and they can become second nature through enough practice and thorough training. Soft skills on the other hand, like a person’s assertiveness, or their ability to empathize with their clients on the other end of the line are harder things to in still when they haven’t been developed already. Someone with sales knowledge and impressive academic credentials can easily sway you in an interview and play up the sales persona they think you want to see. However, long-term compatibility is determined by much more than what a candidate presents on paper or even how well they perform in a short meeting. As a manager, it’s worth it to learn about sales testing techniques to help you pick the best candidates.

Use The Same Strategy For Every Applicant

To ensure you’re hiring process is of quality, and will consistently bring in the best applicants, consolidate your strategy. Use the same directives for everyone coming into the door, and the same questions for evaluating their competency. They key is to change the answers you expect from those questions to match the needs of the position you’re hiring for more accurately. One way to do this is by using the standardized personality test available through providers like SalesTestOnline.

Employ A Sales Personality Evaluation In Your Application

These tests will cut through an applicant’s façade bringing their softs skills (or lack thereof) and their core personality to the forefront, helping you determine their suitability for a job quicker. They’ll measure qualities like dependence and sense of urgency from the start, saving your hiring committee time and energy, and your sales business valuable resources. It’ll even save applicants time as a test is non-invasive and only takes ten minutes to complete. Start eliminating the risk of a hiring mistake by making your sales testing strategy impenetrable.


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