Easy Way to Save Your Big Day


Now more than ever, couples are ditching tradition to personalize their weddings with thoughtful details. They are changing what weddings look like and how much they cost. The average cost of a wedding in the US was about $33,900 last year, which includes the cost of the engagement ring but excludes the cost of the honeymoon. Before you start hyperventilating, keep in mind that the average wedding cost is an average dollar amount greatly influenced by the state and degree of fanciness. Even if your dream wedding is near that amount, there’s plenty you can do to bring it down.

 Wedding Expenses  

Today’s couples want their wedding to be a true expression of their unique love story. They want their big day to be remembered as a reflection of their image. This is why they invest in hyper-personalized events infused with essential details.  Then there is a professional that helps them pull it all off. Besides the expected food, drink, and music to take care of the guests, the band, the photographer, and a whole army of people put the event together.

The highest cost is the venue, with an average cost being around $10,500. Photographers, event planners, music bands, DJs cost between $1,200 and $3,700. The wedding dress alone is around $1,600 on average. Then there is an average of $70 per plate. Average of $590 for invitations. Also, let’s not forget hairstylists and makeup artists who charge $100 on average per service. Moreover, we didn’t even speak of the rehearsal dinner, the engagement ring, which can go as high as up to $1 million and wedding favors. Weddings don’t come cheap.

 Budget-Friendly Wedding Ideas 

Know you can have an affordable wedding anywhere. All you need is a strategy and creativity, as there are so many affordable ways to create a perfect wedding day.

  • Second-Hand Dress

It is a dress you will only wear for one single occasion. Does it have to be a tailored one? You could try to find sample dresses that have been tried on at stores or find a beautiful white dress that fits the occasion.

  • Free Venue 

Home is where the heart is. Do you have a beautiful back yard or garden that could be the perfect setting for an intimate wedding? If you live near a popular vacation spot, you can rent a lovely home for the occasion and preferably not during the season.  

  • Choose Winter and Skip Saturday  

Summer and weekend dates are the priciest ones. There’s no rule against having a wedding during the week. Moreover, who says it has to be in the evening. You can get married in the morning and organize a lovely reception brunch as Carrie, and Mr. Big did. It will be a fraction of the cost while delicious and fun!

  • Go for a Buffet Service 

You will need less staff, but by increasing vegetable offerings, you can reduce the cost even further. Moreover, you can ask your guests with help with food instead of buying you gifts.  

  • Be Creative With Ornaments

You can ask your recent married friends if you can use their decorations. This is the one area where there is no limit when it comes to creativity. For example, paper lanterns are cheap yet so colorful. Moreover, you can use jars or glass lanterns, fill them up with fairy lights and get cheap, yet magical and delicate lighting that will not make a dent in your bank account.

 Ways to Save up for Your Big Day  

Your wedding is probably the priciest party you’ll ever throw in your life. So it would be best if you committed an affordable wedding idea, and budgeting is the place to start. More importantly, you need to make sure that you will stick to your budget. If you have a big budget goal that is daunting, divide it into smaller chunks that are easier to digest. Mastering budgeting skills will benefit you way beyond your big day.

  • Identify Monthly Expenses That You Can Cut Back On

Do you have a monthly subscription service that you don’t need that much? Turning off your cable could save you $100 a month. Can you survive a few months without Netflix?

Reducing your TV time will also benefit your electricity bill. A utility bill is among your most significant household expenses, and you can significantly reduce it with a few simple steps. First, adopt some Eco-friendly habits such as turning off your devices while you’re asleep or doing laundry only when the load is full. Second, install energy-efficient devices to minimize energy waste. Third, once you understand your usage better, check for electricity, and ga gas prices to ensure you have the best deal.

With so many different providers out there, you can easily save several hundreds of dollars from your annual bill by choosing the best rate. When all of these small steps are combined, they can result in significant savings – the sooner you start, the better.

 Takeaway  No matter your wedding budget, you can have your dream wedding.  A stunning wedding can fit into your financial boundaries as long as it is well-thought-out in advance. All you need is creativity, careful planning, and the help of dear friends and loved ones. However, keeping in mind that while getting hitched is a momentous occasion worth celebrating, it is the happily-ever-after that you genuinely want. Starting your new life together on solid grounds is much more important than any detail such as the number of guests, the flowers, or the perfect dress.


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