How American Power and Gas is Disrupting Renewable Energy {Consumers Are Loving It!}

How American Power and Gas is Disrupting Renewable Energy {Consumers Are Loving It!}

An energy revolution is taking place right before our eyes, In the last decade, energy from solar and wind has become so cheap that fossil fuel plants are on the edge of becoming obsolete. Moreover, this is not only happening in the United States and the west in general but also in India and China, where coal plants are increasingly being shut in favor of solar and wind energy.

Right behind the renewable energy wave is a rapid improvement of battery technology, which is making viable options for energy storage and making electric vehicles. As these technologies continue to grow and improve, it slowly but surely replaces the use of fossil fuels as they are today. In fact, the grounds for the demise of fossil fuels is already set, and there’s a looming massive disruption of the fossil fuels industry.

Economy Boost From Renewable Energy

The worldwide push for renewable energy is not only good for the environment, but it can also boost the economy. Solar and wind energy companies are already offering hundreds of thousands of jobs, and in 2016 solar companies employed as much as 43% of the total workforce in the power sector. Enabling the consumers to benefit directly from the renewable energy is one of the major ways towards sustainable development and enabling green efforts to gain more traction.

Renewable Energy Jobs

More jobs will be created following the expected increase in the adoption of renewable energy by consumers, and its increased consumption. Consequently, the price of renewable energy will drop drastically, and become more affordable for more consumers.

Companies like American Power and Gas are committed to facilitating the penetration and use of renewable energy by bringing it to more homes and business in the U.S. through affordable and consumer-friendly ways. In the past decade, the company went from just a few hundred customers to nearly 800,000, making the company worth over half a billion dollars today.

In a recent interview with the CEO of American Power and Gas, Tom Cummins gave his thoughts on how renewable energy will impact the energy sector and the drive of the company towards making renewable energy more renewable to more Americans. Here’s a rundown of the interview:

Renewable Energy Mindset

Q: A shift towards renewable energy seems like a global commitment. What’s your thoughts on this change in mindset?

Tom: A better understanding of the condition of our planet, and the simple fact that non-renewable energy sources are running out. These limited sources cannot last forever. Renewable energy is really the future and is a matter of good sense in spite of a person’s stand regarding pollution and global warming. If a whole house can be powered without harming the environment, then you should do it. Plus, a lot of information has been released to the public on the topic, and it generally gives everyone a good reason to take action now.

US Market Mindset

Q: How has this shift in mindset influenced the U.S. market?

Tom: With new research, knowledge, and understanding into the sector, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people interested in and asking for green energy. American Power and Gas is happy to offer a wide range of products from renewable sources because it’s helpful to the society at large. This is our mission, and as a purpose-driven company, our goal is to revive this market from death and back to life. This will give us longevity, and since we’re helping people, our company will not only continue to expand, but at the same time save the planet.

Governing Support

Q: What about the current U.S administration? It seems to have scaled back on supporting renewable energy as a whole. Do you expect any effects from this prevalent stance?

Tom: Our stand is that even if the government scales back from supporting research on renewable energy, the private sector can take responsibility and work towards forwarding the research. It has also been made clear that regardless of what the deniers might say, renewable energy is the future.

Moving Forward To Renewable Sources

Q: Many people still have the idea that it’s costly to shift to renewable sources especially due to the upfront costs. Do you believe this is the case today?

Tom: Well, there’s a wide range of financing options that offer a homeowner or business to switch to green energy with minimal upfront costs. Renewable energy from wind turbines is usually sold as per the supplier or utility level. This means that the more the people who embrace green energy, the more the reduction of prices will be. So, it’s largely a matter of every person taking responsibility and working towards shifting to renewable energy. It’s quite clear that renewable energy will replace fossil fuels soon enough because they will increasingly become less expensive, more convenient, and as reliable as fossil fuels have been.


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