AllSocial Aims to Give Social Media Back to the People


AllSocial, a new and exciting social media platform has finally become available to the public. This platform is a new network that is available to anyone who wishes to join a safe and secure social media community whose creators fashioned in the same vein as the very first social media platforms that launched back in the late 1990’s.  

AllSocial’s Social Media Power Play

If you have recently felt like your go-to social media platforms have become disconnected from their users, rolling out convoluted updates and upgrades that in no way, shape, or form enhance the user’s experience in the slightest, you are not alone. AllSocial’s creators saw these trends forming very early on and brought social media users the answer to this growing social issue. AllSocial is built sans any nutty algorithms to control content flow, but is created to put the users back in control of their own social media. AllSocial aims to give the social media experience back to the people.

AllSocial Chooses User Security First

It is of growing concern to many social media users that their data and private information is covertly shared with partners of the chosen social media platform. Many times companies that have no business acquiring your personal information are handed every last drop of your information on a silver platter. Data sharing fears are at an all-time high with users inhabiting many of the staple social media platforms. AllSocial will put your fear to rest.   

AllSocial guarantees that no user’s personal information or data will be sold… ever. On the AllSocial platform, users are in control of these data-sharing decisions and get to choose if and when their personal information will be sold and sold again to companies that pay social media platforms a pretty penny to take and use private data at their own discretion. You can be assured no third party will ever have access to your data simply because you signed up and became a member of the AllSocial community. Your data is safe with AllSocial. It is nice to not be tracked all across the internet and AllSocial aims to keep it that way.

Remember When Social Media was a Toddler

The free and easy sharing of information over a BBS or email was one of the most exciting parts of the internet’s capabilities when first invented.The advent of the internet was very quickly followed up by the release of the first social media site back in 1997 called, This was the first website and social network that somewhat resembles the modern social media networks of today.  

AllSocial Wants to Get Back to Your Social Media Roots

Back in the day, there was no centralization of data. When it all began, the functionality of the web was not built to track and remember user behavior in the way that it can today. Not to fear. AllSocial wants to take you back to the early days when your information and your behaviors were in your control and not followed and tracked at every turn.

With game-changing application technology created for the AllSocial network, it is easy to incorporate all of your friends or family members into your digital life. You can download the application and easily and quickly connect to friends and family using both the App Store and Google Play .

A True Social Media Hub For the User

Fun Fact: The AllSocial app can do one thing that no other social media platform does by delivering all of your social media content from other platforms to your AllSocial thread, similar to a newsfeed. So, post to Facebook and you will be able to see it on AllSocial. The same goes for Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest. For this reason, AllSocial is a true social media hub for the user. 

AllSocial is receiving amazing reviews in response to the first version launch of their app and particularly in response to its ability to bring all social networks together. There are no pesky algorithms and all content is given maximum visibility and engagement opportunity, just like it was back in the good old days.  When you realize that all your messages, memes, videos, and photos are all getting through to all your connections, you’ll see the true difference that this makes for your social media experience overall! While other social media platforms have algorithms that block a large number of messages from reaching people that deserve the chance to view your content, AllSocial’s 100% reach mindset seems like a natural choice.

It’s Time to Collaborate

AllSocial is ready for your brand collaboration and has created an official page called AllSocial Partnerships to share content that relates to the happenings within this new network and its partners. Partnerships are encouraged as they will support the growth and popularity of a new brand on the AllSocial network. Becoming an AllSocial partner means your story is promoted on their burgeoning network. This includes the monthly email and publicity across the other social platforms. 

Are You a Social Media Worry Wart?

If you constantly and increasingly worry about what happens to your messages and content when you share it on a social media platform, AllSocial might be the safe and secure social media community that you need to feel at home when sharing on the web.

When using AllSocial, you can take a deep breath and enjoy sharing any type of content you wish.  Why? 

AllSocial has committed publicly and in writing to protect the privacy of the users that inhabit the AllSocial social media landscape. Also, using a dash of artificial intelligence and a dash of real human intellect, AllSocial has built a great security force around the website and unwanted or undesired content such as pornography, highly offensive topics, and harmful content are removed with speed. Haters will never have a place on the AllSocial platform.

AllSocial 2.0

The AllSocial creators are not stopping with this first release of the new social platform. They have already gone back to the drawing board after several rounds of user feedback and are currently in the final stages of finishing AllSocial v2.0 or the 2nd Generation.  AllSocial v2.0 will take the AllSocial technology to soaring heights with a new user interface that will stand among social media’s most innovative to date. 

AllSocial is planning to introduce version 2.0 in the first several months of 2020. So keep looking for it. It’s coming soon!

AllSocial users will see advanced features including enhancements to AllSocial’s video posting capabilities, playback and editing is getting an upgrade as well. With advancements in chat technology, AllSocial chat will become easier to use than ever before. AllSocial is also working on a feature called elastic search. Stay tuned to the platform to learn more about all of these fun features and exciting upgrades.

AllSocial’s  Design Customizations Support User Control

Did I forget to tell you that AllSocial comes in”dark mode”? This is for those ‘Interview with a Vampire’-inspired night owls out there. The dark mode layout is sexy and simple and only enhances your time on the app. It’s easy to connect or invite people to connect to you. Don’t worry. They won’t make you go dark mode, but the creators wish to give you that design option among many others when you sign on as a member of the community. AllSocial’s creators hope every user feels like they had the ability and the options available to truly make themselves and their content on AllSocial, 100% individual. AllSocial comes ready for personalization, so you feel right at home when you visit.

AllSocial’s Grassroots Marketing Hack

Until now, AllSocial has chosen to rely on the never as popular word of mouth marketing play and simple organic growth tactics. Most brand new start-up companies would struggle to gather enough organic marketing steam to get the word out in a productive way, but not AllSocial. Their quiet, ‘viva voce’ strategy is pushing the platform in the right direction and their user count climbs every day. People are clamoring to the website with such speed that their creators released a statement confirming that the AllSocial Community officially welcomed their one millionth user in October 2019. 

If you are one of those people who would like to have a little more say in your social media, then just say AllSocial.  It’s the social media platform designed innately to give the reins back to you, the user.


 AllSocial is a social media platform that puts the user first and creates an experience that allows you to discover exciting stories, connect with friends and share content that matters to you. With a mission of connecting your world, AllSocial creates an open, safe and secure community that fulfills the Internet’s original promise of connecting people.  Users are able to post content from all major social media platforms with the promise that 100% of a user’s posts will be shared with all followers. AllSocial is available via desktop or app from the Apple or Google Play store, for more information please visit


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