4 Tips to Increase Sales at Your Café

4 Tips to Increase Sales at Your Café

In spite of what people might think, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have not yet managed to put small café owners out of business. In fact, the café business continues to be a very profitable field in the long run for those who know how to make it work. In case you happen to be a new café owner who is looking for ways to boost their revenue a bit, here are four tips to help you do just that.

Control the Wi-Fi Hogs

It is no secret that every café has a few of those people who order just a single cup of coffee and occupy their seats for hours, using your free Wi-Fi connection. You should make it clear that the Wi-Fi is only “free” for a limited amount of time per customer and if they’re planning to use it for more than the stipulated amount of time, they’ll either have to order more from the menu or pay for the internet.

Don’t feel guilty about wanting to turn tables because that’s how you’re supposed to make your money.

Introduce Café Merchandise

A lot of people who enter cafés are coffee aficionados who wouldn’t mind looking at or even buying a few pieces of café related merchandise such as handmade coffee mugs, gift cards, and coffee pots.

Start small and introduce only a handful of items to see which ones are selling the most. Coffee mugs make for great little gifts and no gift is complete without a card, so start with these two for a safe bet.

However, the most important factor in selling this merchandise is the way you display them. Make sure that everything is in well-lit sections where everyone can see them easily.

Café with Wine

Starbucks offers wine at some of its cafés after four in the evening and so can you. The truth is that alcohol, be it in any form, will attract more people to your café and therefore, it’s a sure shot way to boost your sales significantly.

However, selling liquor at a café is not as simple as selling coffee there. Aside from the legal regulations governing liquor sale and licensing in the state, you’ll also have to worry about training your present staff about serving wine and may even have to hire a few new ones.

Café with Games

Some people might say that board games are dying in this age of video games, but they’re gravely mistaken. A café that has board games for its patrons to enjoy and socialize over is a hit café. It’ll make people want to stay longer, spend more, and will also bring them back, which is exactly what you want as a café owner.

Finally, we come to the most important thing and that’s the coffee. Your coffee needs to be as good as possible. So make sure to invest in that before everything else. Even if you have a great menu, remember that a café is only as good as the coffee it serves.

Do Some Marketing

No business will ever thrive without some degree of marketing. Otherwise, how will you get people to go to your cafe? Even with the best-tasting coffee around, no one will still know unless they know you’re in business first.

That’s why you need to market online by putting up a website and increase your organic traffic which you can do through web copywriting services.


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