Know The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising


What is the difference between marketing and advertising? Social Media advertising is great, and Buy them at Social Proof. Marketing and Advertising…

Isn’t it just different terms that mean the same thing? For any start-up business with the focus on releasing a new product into the market, it’s important to understand the difference between the two. Yes, they are related, but each has a different process. In fact, one complements the other.

The Marketing Process

Marketing speaks directly to preparation. In other words, it’s all about getting the product ready for consumers. What is the label going to look like? What design will be used for the packaging? These are the questions that need to be asked during the marketing stage, but it doesn’t stop there.

In order for any marketing campaign to be successful certain information about the consumer needs to be considered. Whatever the product is going to look like has to appeal to the target market. This part also ties into marketing, because information has to be gathered, either through surveys, small scale testing, or whatever tactics necessary.

For example, if the target market is middle and high class individuals, then the brand has to cater to them. The design and logo have to accommodate the expensive product. In many cases people will buy something simply because it has the right label. If the target market is rebellious teenagers, then something with edge will work better.

Another thing to remember is a short but effective slogan that will stick in the memories of the consumer. It also has to be catchy and unique. These are the elements of marketing and they should be in place before advertising starts.

The Advertising Process

When the product is ready to hit the market the advertising campaign can begin. In other words, the product is in-store and available to consumers. Now it needs to be introduced to the rest of the country in a compelling way.

There are several ways advertising can be done, but for the most part businesses work with a strict budget. If the budget allows for prime-time television and big commercial radios then by all means, make the most of both. Unfortunately smaller businesses have to compete on a lower level, which means the power of the internet comes into play.

However, it’s all about catering to the target market. Instead of trying to convince everyone, just focus on where the target market can be located. Social media can be very effective in these cases and sometimes one viral post is all that’s needed.

Even though advertising sounds simpler than marketing, it is far from it. For example, internet users have all become accustomed to banner blindness. When they browse they automatically avoid the flashing pictures and only focus on what they are looking for. This is just one of the challenges advertising professionals face.

Some Final Thoughts

To put it plainly, marketing is the process of packaging, research and distribution. Advertising is making people aware the product exists and convincing them to buy it. At face value it sounds easy enough, but actually getting people excited about a product only comes with good strategy.


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